‘Indigenous Women Are on the Move Too, Often Fleeing Violence, Environmental Disasters and Land Encroachments’

Human Wrongs Watch

7 August 2018 (UN Women)*At a time of unprecedented human mobility, indigenous women are on the move too, often fleeing violence, environmental disasters and land encroachments that have eaten into their sources of food, water and way of life.

An indigenous woman paints a mural in her community in Guatemala. Photo: UN Women/Ryan Brown

Photo: UN Women/Ryan Brown 

The positive economic spin-offs of migration don’t always reach them. Theirs is a move also for justice, as they mobilize to make their voices heard, demand punishment for perpetrators and reparations to restore their dignity.

This year, the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples (9 August) will focus on the theme of “Indigenous peoples’ migration and movement”.

UN Women works with indigenous women around the world as they strive for rights, protection and their rightful seat at any table where decisions impacting their lives are being made.

Video: Empower indigenous women, strengthen communities

Indigenous women are custodians of their communities’ traditions and natural resources, but they are also among the world’s most vulnerable and marginalized peoples.

On International Day of Indigenous Peoples, learn more about the challenges indigenous women face, and how they play key roles in their communities and contribute to peace building and sustainable environmental practices.


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2018 Human Wrongs Watch


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