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Abstraction and the Economy — Small Is Beautiful

Human Wrongs Watch

By Shantena Augusto Sabbadini*

August 2019 (Wall Street International)*  — What can we learn from the present ecological, economic, social crisis? I believe we need to revise some deep assumptions which are constitutive of our Western culture and through the process of globalization have become part of our world culture. We need to think in a new way, a new way that actually recovers (on a new level) a very old way.
The circulation of money on the globe is estimated at four trillion dollars a day
The circulation of money on the globe is estimated at four trillion dollars a day | Image from Wall Street International.

The Times They Are A Changin’

Human Wrongs Watch

By William Mebane*

Keeping the climate at a sustainable level is not prohibitive if we act now.
Keeping the climate at a sustainable level is not prohibitive if we act now
Keeping the climate at a sustainable level is not prohibitive if we act now | Image from Wall Street International.

10 August 2019 (Wall Street International)* — In 2007 a MIT survey revealed that nearly 60% of Americans feel that “until we are sure that global warming is really a problem, we should not take any steps that would have economic costs” or “its effects will be gradual, so we can deal with the problem gradually” (Sherman, 2007).

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Ethiopia Plants over 350 Million Trees in a Day, Setting New World Record

2 August 2019 (UN Environment)*In a record-breaking day this week, at the Gulele Botanical Garden in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia launched an historic tree planting campaign. Over 350 million trees were planted in an ambitious move to counter the effects of deforestation and climate change.

Abiy PM Ethiopia

Photo from UN Environment

The event is part of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Green Legacy Initiative. It aimed at planting 200 million trees in a single day in 1,000 sites across the country. Prime Minister Ahmed congratulated the country for not only meeting its collective Green Legacy goal but also exceeding it.

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How Widespread Is Human Trafficking in the US?

Human Wrongs Watch


This is part of a series of features from across the globe on human trafficking. IPS coverage is supported by the Riana Group.

UNITED NATIONS, Jul 26 2019 (IPS)* – The United States is no exception to the practice of modern day slavery—a crime for which it is rarely held accountable at the United Nations.

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Monsters Walk the Earth. Why These Three Countries Are the Real Troika of Evil

Human Wrongs Watch

By Philip Giraldi | Strategic Culture Foundation – TRANSCEND Media Service*

Americans, Saudis and Israelis have become monsters in the eyes of the rest of the world even if in their own minds they are endowed with special privilege due to their being “Exceptional,” “Chosen by God” or “Guardians of Mecca and Medina.” All three countries share a dishonest sense of entitlement that supports the fiction that their oppressive and illegal behavior is somehow perfectly legitimate.

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‘Poverty, Hunger, Climate Change, Insecurity Create a Perfect Storm in which Thousands of People See Only One Way Out: to Emigrate’

Mexico City (FAO)* A joint action program to promote rural development and the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger so that migration becomes an option and not a necessity, is the objective of a High-level meeting on migration, development and food security in Mesoamerica that kicked-off in Mexico City on 2 July 2019.



Kenyan Universities Aim to Be “Greenest in the World”

3 July 2019 (UN Environment)*In Kenya, over 70 universities are being called on by the UN Environment Programme and the Kenyan Government to work together and transform their campuses to be the “greenest in the world”. This comes as Strathmore University in Nairobi has put in place one of the greenest campuses in Africa and is offering its support to other Kenyan universities.
Kenya Uni 1 1280px-Strathmore_University_Student_Centre.jpg photo by Wikimedia.jpg
Photo by Strathmore University Kenya/Wikimedia Commons

“Universities across Africa can run on the power of the sun and set new standards for sustainability,” says Professor da Silva of Strathmore University.

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More Than a Million People to Be Vaccinated in Phase 2 of a Huge Cholera Vaccination Campaign in DR Congo

MBUJI-MAYI / GENEVA, 3 July 2019 (WHO)*  — Phase 2 of the biggest ever oral vaccination campaign against cholera is scheduled to take place from 3-8 July 2019 in 15 health districts in the four central provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) – Kasaï, Kasaï Oriental, Lomami et Sankuru.


A local official receives a dose of oral cholera vaccine in Tshilenge, July 2019 | WHO

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Livelihoods of Millions in East and Southeast Asia at Risk from Swine Fever Epidemic

Human Wrongs Watch

The rapid spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) across East and Southeast Asia is threatening the food security and livelihoods of millions of households in the region which rely on pig farming, The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO, reported on Tuesday [2 July 2019].


IAEA/Laura Gil Martinez | African Swine Fever is a highly contagious disease that can cause a devastating impact on small-scale pig farmers and can be transmitted from pigs to humans. (file March 2017)

Small scale farmers account for a significant proportion of pig meat production in the vast region, and the outbreak is of particular concern for these producers, who may lack the expertise and funds necessary to protect their herds from the disease.

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US: Asylum Seekers Returned to Uncertainty, Danger in Mexico

Human Wrongs Watch

Little Safety, Shelter, Due Process While Awaiting Immigration Hearings

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