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Record 4.1 Billion Passengers Took to the Skies in 2017 Onboard Some 37 Million Scheduled Flights

Human Wrongs Watch

A record 4.1 billion passengers took to the skies in 2017 onboard some 37 million scheduled flights globally, the United Nations civil aviation agency on 18 January 2018 reported, highlighting that the fastest growth was seen among low-cost carriers.

An airliner being serviced before takeoff at Frankfurt Airport in Germany. Photo: UN News/Vibhu Mishra

According to preliminary figures released by the UN International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), air travel demand growth too gained “solid momentum” on the back of improved global economic conditions throughout the year.

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March of the Penguins

Human Wrongs Watch

By Akshey Kalra*

15 January, 2018 (Greenpeace)* — This morning, people around the world are waking up to pictures of penguin sightings across the globe. The penguins have been spotted travelling on trains, arriving at international airports and at iconic landmarks. From Sydney to Buenos Aires and from London to Johannesburg, the question on everybody’s mind – what are they here for?


Arriving in Sydney, wasting no time in seeing the iconic Sydney Opera House after the flight.

The penguins are part of a new Greenpeace campaign calling for the creation of the largest protected area on earth: a 1.8 million square kilometre ocean sanctuary in the Antarctic.

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“It was difficult for me to forge my identity because I did not fit into society’s boxes”

Human Wrongs Watch

Mozambican  Ngulinda’s story is part of the UN International Organisation for Migration (IOM) series: “i am a migrant“.*

Ngulinda — 7,903 km from home — Current Country: Portugal– Country of Origin: Mozambique — Photo Credit: IOM/Tiago Figueiredo

“I was born in Mozambique and I have lived in Portugal for many years now. I first came on holiday in 2000 and did not want to go back to Mozambique.

My parents ended up accepting my choice, so I stayed here with my grandparents.

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Mediterranean Migrant Arrivals Reach 1072 in First Week of 2018; Deaths: 81

Human Wrongs Watch

Geneva, 9 January 2018 (IOM)* – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, reports that 1,072 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea during the first week of 2018, with around 450 each landing in Italy and Greece and the remainder in Spain. This compares with almost an identical number – 1,159 – coming ashore during a similar period in 2017.

Data on deaths at sea, however, are much grimmer.  Through the first eight days of the new year, a total of 81 Mediterranean Sea deaths of irregular migrants or refugees were recorded. Five of those deaths were in Western Mediterranean waters off Spain and Morocco.

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‘Early Action Key to Mitigate Impacts from Potentially Destructive La Niña and Its Counterpart, El Niño’

Human Wrongs Watch

2 January 2018 – La Niña is expected to impact weather around the world in 2018, a United Nations relief official said, urging governments and the international community to act early to mitigate the impacts from this potentially destructive weather pattern and its counterpart, El Niño.

Most of the reefs in the Seychelles have died due to El Niño, bleaching, fishing and the rising temperature of the seawater. Photo: Kadir van Lohuizen/NOOR

“We know that the earlier we’re able to put in place a response, the more efficient and effective that response can be,” Greg Puley, Chief of Policy Advice and Planning Section, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), told UN News.

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2017 Set to Be in Top Three Hottest Years, with Record-Breaking Extreme Weather

World Meteorological Organisation*The 2017 global land and ocean temperature will likely end among the three warmest years on record, and is expected to be the warmest year without a warming El Niño.


Source: World Meteorological Organization – 19 December 2017

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UN to Meet More Urgent Humanitarian Needs with Less Budget

Human Wrongs Watch

26 December 2017 – Concluding the main part of its 72nd session, the United Nations General Assembly on Sunday took a number of key actions, including approving a nearly $5.4 billion programme budget for the Organization for the biennium 2018-2019.

United Nations Headquarters in New York City. UN Photo/Mark Garten

The budget covers UN activities across a range of areas, including political affairs, international justice and law, regional cooperation for development, human rights and humanitarian affairs, and public information.

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The State of the Empire in the Age of Trumpism

Human Wrongs Watch

By Diane Perlman, Ph.D.*

18 Dec 2017  – TRANSCEND Media Service

The Fall of the US Empire – And Then What?, published in 2009, has become the best-selling of the TRANSCEND University Press books. With the presidency of Donald Trump, there is renewed interest in the state of the US Empire.

“I hate the US Empire, but I love the US Republic.” For years I have been hearing this mantra from Johan Galtung my dear friend, mentor and colleague. As events unfold, it takes on new meaning.

Johan Galtung is a Norwegian-born citizen of the world, sociologist and mathematician recognized as the ‘founding father’ of peace studies and conflict transformation as a scientific discipline.

He is a frequent Nobel Peace Prize nominee, winner of the 1987 Right Livelihood Award–the alternative Nobel–and of the 2017 People’s Nobel Prize. (Here his Acceptance Speech).

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Key Facts You Should Know About Global Migration Trends

Human Wrongs Watch

GENEVA, 18 December 2017 (IOM)* The UN International Organization for Migration –IOM’s Global Migration Trends Factsheet presents a snapshot of the major migration trends worldwide for the year 2015 based on statistics from a variety of sources. Considering the state of migration globally in 2015, the following facts stand out:

Credit: IOM

In 2015, the number of international migrants worldwide – people residing in a country other than their country of birth – was the highest ever recorded, having reached 244 million (from 232 million in 2013).

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Should Environmental Refugees Be Granted Asylum Status?

Human Wrongs Watch


UNITED NATIONS, Nov 29 2017 (IPS) – The 1951 UN convention on political refugees– which never foresaw the phenomenon of climate change– permits refugee status only if one “has a well-founded fear of persecution because of his/her race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion.

Aerial View of Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands. Credit: UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

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