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Rohingya Refugees Fret for Their Children’s Futures

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By Caroline Gluck and Iffath Yeasmine in Kutupalong refugee settlement, Bangladesh

UNHCR is promoting more learning opportunities and higher teaching standards for thousands of young Rohingya refugees.

5c9cdc164.jpgThe Sunflower temporary learning centre in Kutupalong Extension Camp 4 in south-east Bangladesh.© UNHCR/Roger Arnold

6 June 2019 (UNHCR)*When Abu Sayed, father of six, thinks about the future of his children, he breaks down and weeps.

“My life is almost gone. If they cannot have an education, they will be ignorant,” he says, sitting in his family’s bamboo shelter in the vast Kutupalong refugee settlement, the largest in the world.

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Rohingya Refugee Camps Turn to LPG, Reforestation to Save Depleted Bangladesh Forests

Cox’s Bazar, 31 May 2019 (IOM)*  –Khair Hussein remembers when cooking a meal meant a back-breaking trek up a dirt slope to collect firewood from the nearby bush. He isn’t sure which was worse – the sweltering heat of the dry season, or the thick mud of the rainy season that made many paths impassable. As time went on, the bush receded and price of firewood from vendors doubled.  


LPG is reducing demand for firewood in Bangladesh’s Rohingya refugee camps. Photo: IOM

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Skyscraper-Depth Well Brings Clean Water to Rohingya Refugees

Cox’s Bazar, 17 May 2019 (IOM)*  –  Under clear 36-degree Celsius skies, an exhausted Rafiq leans against his house, surrounded by his five children. Glancing upwards, he ponders another sweltering walk down a steep dirt path to haul clean water for his family.



Rohingya refugees at a shallow well in Cox’s Bazar.

A pump just nearby provides water whose drinkability he views as “unreliable” and requires an arduous hillside trek. Sterilizing water by boiling also is difficult because firewood is hard to come by.

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Aid Workers Race to Prepare Bangladesh’s Rohingya Refugee Camps for Monsoon Wind, Rain

Cox’s Bazar, 10 May 2019 (IOM)*  – When Cyclone Fani – one of the most powerful Indian Ocean storms of the past decade– barrelled up the Bay of Bengal a week ago making landfall in northern India and western Bangladesh, it left 24 people dead, a trail of destruction and thousands displaced. Some 2.6 million people – a million in India and 1.6 million in Bangladesh – were evacuated from its path, potentially saving thousands of lives. 


Refugees plant vetiver grass on sandy slopes to prevent monsoon-related landslides. Photo: IOM

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Future of Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh ‘Hangs in the Balance’ – UNHCR Chief

Human Wrongs Watch

The critical needs of 1.2 million mostly Rohingya refugees in south-eastern Bangladesh were top of the agenda for a fact-finding mission to the region by three senior United Nations officials, who called for continuing support on Friday [26 April 2019] for them from the international community.

© UNHCR/Will Swanson | Emergency Relief Coordinator, Mark Lowcock with a group of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar in Kutapalong Refugee Camp, Bangladesh on 26 April 2019.
At the end of a joint visit to the country, UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Mark Lowcock, head of UN migration agency (IOM) António Vitorino, and UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Filippo Grandi, reiterated their commitment to find safe and sustainable solutions for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, as well as helping them to make a safe and dignified return home.

Bangladesh: Rohingya Refugee Students Expelled


Human Rights Council’s Special Rapporteur Calls for End to ‘Purgatory’ of International Inaction Facing Myanmar’s Remaining Rohingya

Human Wrongs Watch

A humanitarian crisis fuelled by the suppression of basic human rights is continuing across Myanmar’s Rakhine state, a UN Human Rights Council-appointed expert said on Monday [11 March 2019] in an appeal for alleged atrocities there to be referred to the International Criminal Court (ICC).


UNHCR/Roger Arnold | Rohingya families arrive at a UNHCR transit centre near the village of Anjuman Para, Cox’s Bazar, south-east Bangladesh after spending four days stranded at the Myanmar border with some 6,800 refugees. (file)

Rohingya Refugee Women Raise Their Voices in Bangladesh

Human Wrongs Watch

By Firas Al-Khateeb in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh*

Women refugees take up key roles as bloc leaders, teachers and even road workers in Bangladesh, where they have sought refuge. |  Español   |  Français |  عربي


Rohingya refugees Tansima and Amira pictured at Kutupalong refugee settlement, Bangladesh, where they are elected bloc representatives © UNHCR/Roger Arnold

“We need more street lights,” says Tansima, 28, who is an elected deputy bloc leader at the world’s largest refugee settlement, which is home to 620,000 people, more than half of them women or girls.

“It will make it easier to access latrines and shops will be able to stay open after dark,” she adds.

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Stateless Rohingya Refugee Children Living in ‘Untenable Situation’, UNICEF Chief

Human Wrongs Watch

27 February 2019 – With around half a million in effect, stateless Rohingya refugee children living in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar camp, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) chief stressed that the international community must address their “untenable situation” and “invest in this generation”.

© UNHCR/Santiago Escobar-Jaramillo | Bangladesh. Rohingya refugees who fled Myanmar to safety in Cox’s Bazar.

$920 Million Needed to Assist over 900,000 Rohingya Refugees and the More than 330,000 Vulnerable Bangladeshis Hosting Them

© UNHCR/Santiago Escobar-Jaramillo | Bangladesh. The Rohingya refugees who fled Myanmar to safety in Cox’s Bazar
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