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Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, SIPRI, at 50. Now change name to SIMSI

Human Wrongs Watch

By Jan Oberg*

Lund, Sweden, October 26th, 2016 ((TFFTransnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research) – Is there a new cold war? And what steps can be taken by whom to reduce tension and make peace?.

Indeed highly relevant issues in an era of European history where the characteristics of a new Cold War are becoming ever more significant.

And a good intellectual way to celebrate an important research institute’s 50th Anniversary, namely SIPRI – Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.


Ten Articles on the New Cold War and a Reflection

While this new Cold War is certainly different from the first Cold war that ended in 1989, we are not in doubt that there is a new such tragic war and that the risk of military confrontation between Russia and NATO countries in Europe has increased.

We also happen to think it could have been avoided.

This Cold War has to do with, among many other things, NATO’s counterproductive expansion since 1994, the way Yugoslavia broke down and was broken up, with Ukraine and now Syria as well as – perhaps surprisingly to some – the rapidly diminishing political power and legitimacy of the West in the emerging world order.


Gorbachev Appeals for Sanity, Dialogue

Human Wrongs Watch

By John Scales Avery*

OSLO, Oct 28 2016 – President Mikhail Gorbachev, former leader of the Soviet Union and recipient of the 1990 Nobel Peace Prize, has appealed to world leaders to reduce the dangerous tensions, which today threaten to plunge human civilization and the biosphere into an all-destroying nuclear war.


**President Barack Obama drops by VP Joe Biden’s meeting with former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev in the Vice President’s Office, West Wing | 20 March 2009 | The Official White House Photostream / Pete Souza | public domain | Flickr

In an October 10 interview with RIA Novosti, Gorbachev said: “I think the world has reached a dangerous point, I don’t want to give any concrete prescriptions, but I do want to say that this needs to stop. We need to renew dialogue. Stopping it was the biggest mistake.”


‘Stop Draining the Blood of Syrians’ 

Human Wrongs Watch

In another impassioned plea to the United Nations Security Council urging action to stop the bloodshed in war-ravaged Syria, the top UN humanitarian official stressed that since his last briefing to the body (on 29 September), 400 more Syrians had been killed and close to 2,000 injured in eastern Aleppo.

In western Aleppo City, Syria, children displaced from the al-Hamadaniyah neighbourhood stay at the Al-Shafii shelter, a mosque converted to a shelter. Photo: UNICEF/Khuder Al-Issa

“These are people just like you and me – not sitting around a table in New York but forced into desperate, pitiless suffering, their future wiped out […] peoples’ lives destroyed and Syria itself destroyed,” the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, Stephen O’Brien, on 26 October 2016 told the 15-member body.

O’Brien further called on the members of the primary UN organ for maintenance of international peace and security to “[do] the right thing to stop the draining of the blood of Syrians.”


‘An Entire Generation Could Be Crippled by Hunger’ in Yemen

Human Wrongs Watch

The United Nations food relief agency on 25 October 2016 said it is increasingly concerned about deteriorating food security and growing rates of child malnutrition in war-plagued Yemen, particularly in hard-to-reach areas.


In the photo: Ahmed, 3 years old, receives treatment for moderate acute malnutrition in a hospital in Hajjah, Yemen. Photo: WFP/Abeer Etefa


“Hunger is increasing every day and people have exhausted all their survival strategies. Millions of people cannot survive without external assistance,” said Muhannad Hadi, the World Food Programme (WFP) Regional Director for the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and East Europe in a news release.

He said the conflict in Yemen was taking a devastating toll, particularly on the most vulnerable, especially women and children.


Mediterranean Death Toll in 2016 ‘Worst We Have Seen’

Human Wrongs Watch

With just two months left in 2016, and despite a substantial drop in the number of migrants and refugees attempting to cross the Mediterranean, the number of people losing their lives has witnessed a three-fold overall increase this year, and in one particular route by more than five-fold, the United Nations refugee agency on 25 October 2016 said.*

Refugees and migrants rescued at sea by the Italian coast guards after adrift in the Mediterranean Sea disembarked at the port of Augusta in Sicily, May 2016. Photo: UNHCR/Patrick Russo

“From one death for every 269 arrivals last year, in 2016 the likelihood of dying has spiralled to one in 88,” William Spindler, a spokesperson for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), told journalists at the regular news briefing at the UN Office at Geneva (UNOG).


Big Powers Set to Grab High Level UN Posts

Human Wrongs Watch

UNITED NATIONS (IPS) – When Antonio Guterres, the former Prime Minister of Portugal, takes office as the new UN Secretary General on January 1, his top management team is likely to be dominated by nominees from the five big powers, namely the US, Britain, France, China and Russia (P5).


**United Nations General Assembly hall in New York City.| Author: Patrick Gruban, cropped and downsampled by Pine | Originally posted to Flickr as UN General Assembly | Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

As befits tradition, the current management team of mostly Under-Secretaries-Generals (USGs) will submit their resignations – providing Guterres with a clean state before he takes over.


Longer, But Less Meaningful Lives?

Human Wrongs Watch

By Johan Galtung*

24 October 2016 – TRANSCEND Media Service – The last one hundred years life expectancy has increased by about 25%-from near 80 to near 100-in some countries.  But, instead of increasing playful childhood, education, work and retirement by 25%, the age of retirement has moved much less than the age at death.


Johan Galtung

That deprives masses of older people with experience and wisdom of productive work, of being useful, meeting others constructively; reducing them to being playful–bridge or golf as case may be–and just keeping alive.

Homo sapiens as homo ludens not homo faber.

Longer, but emptier lives.

A crime against humanity if there ever was any. However, with two clear remedies: continue working self-employed with pension as salary, or find meaning in dedication to something beyond oneself, some cause, volunteer work.

That should be planned well in advance before entering a “career” that peaks before, or at, retirement; the rest being downhill even steeply.


Prof. Johan Galtung (24 Oct 1930)

Human Wrongs Watch

By Antonio C. S. Rosa*

TRANSCEND Media Service, 24 October 2016 Johan Vincent Galtung, dr, dr hc mult, a professor of peace studies, was born in Oslo, Norway on the same day that the UN would come to existence 15 years later.

pic Johan black suit He is a mathematician–his first Ph.D.–, sociologist, political scientist and the founder of the academic disciplines of Peace and Conflict Studies.

He founded the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (1959), the world’s first academic research center focused on peace studies, as well as the influential Journal of Peace Research (1964).

He has helped found dozens of other peace centers around the world since.

He has served as a professor for peace studies at universities all over the world, including Columbia (New York), Oslo, Berlin, Belgrade, Paris, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Sichuan, Ritsumeikan (Japan), Princeton, Hawai’i, Tromsoe, Bern, Alicante (Spain), Islamic University of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, and dozens of others on all continents. He has taught thousands of individuals and motivated them to dedicate their lives to the promotion of peace and the satisfaction of basic human needs.


Washington’s Game of Good Terrorists vs Bad Terrorists

Human Wrongs Watch

By John Wight*

22 October 2016 (RT) When you reach the stage of making a distinction between good terrorists and bad terrorists, not only are you defending the indefensible, you are engaged in the ugly business of sowing dragon’s teeth.

Wounded civilians arrive at a hospital in Aleppo during the Syrian civil war. | Author: Voice of America News: Scott Bobb reports from Aleppo, Syria |  public domain | Wikimedia Commons: “This file has been identified as being free of known restrictions under copyright law, including all related and neighboring rights.”

Jahbat Al-Nusra, which recently changed its name to Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, is a terrorist organization dripping in the blood of men, women, and children – people it has butchered across Syria over the past five years for the crime of praying to a different God than them, or else the same God in a different way.

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