About Human Wrongs Watch


Everybody talks about human ‘rights’ and this is just great.

Nevertheless, human beings have been perpetrating, systematically, all kinds of wrongs–they kill each other, they destroy forests, seas, lands, and atmosphere.

Simply, humans are now more than ever under the mercy of two dominant powers: the ‘market lords’ and the ‘war lords’– everything,  humans included, are now subject to trade deals. 

Human wrongs Watch informs about some of the so many human ‘wrongs’–it’s our way to draw your attention. Maybe this initiative can help correct some of our misdoing.

Perhaps this way we could at least slow down the quick deterioration process in which we were at first mere ‘consumers’ and we have now become just ‘consumed’ items, numbers and figures to attract more and more ads and business.

Welcome to this modest try and to all the “likes” to contribute with fair, independent, documented, balanced news and views, and to disseminating among your friends this absolutely non-profit, non-commercial and not-funded by anybody what-so-ever initiative.

About Baher Kamal  

Baher Kamal is member of the TRANSCEND Network for Peace Development Environmentmember of Other News, and former Senior Advisor to the Director general of the international news agency IPS (Inter Press Service). He is an Egyptian-born, Spanish-national, secular journalist, with over 45 years of professional experience.

Since late 70s, he specialised in all development related issues, as well as international politics.

He coordinated and edited all IPS stories focusing on poverty, agriculture, environment, development, emigration and immigration, gender, urbanisation, health, children, education, trade and South-South and North-South cooperation, among other issues.

He also worked as Senior Information Expert for the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership at the European Commission in Brussels, and as the first-ever Information Officer and Spokesperson at UNEP’s Mediterranean Action Plan in Athens.

Kamal has trained media professionals from developing countries (mainly from Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, Arab Region) for several national and international organisations.

In addition to his professional experience in Middle East affairs and those of other developing regions, Kamal has served as a media consultant on development issues for a number of world organisations. He was the contributing editor of FAO magazine CERES in Arabic.

Baher Kamal acted as Team Leader for the coverage of dozens of world conferences and he interviewed a number of heads of States and Governments, in addition to thee United Nations Secretary General.

He is also publisher and editor of Human Wrongs Watch.

Baher Kamal speaks Spanish, Arabic, English and Italian, with knowledge of French, and currently lives in Spain.


Thank you!

2 Comments to “About Human Wrongs Watch”

  1. Human Rights is promoted in wrong perspective. Human Duties are first then rights comes next. Are we doign our duties for society, world and universal creature? If we put this question then there shall not be any wrongs from our side and there shall no need of Rights.
    Yadam Institute of Research which is premier human rights and duties research center promotes duties than rights. If everyone does duty for the world then there is no question of wrong and no need of Duties.

    Dr. Yadam Ram Kumar
    Director of Yadam Institute of Research
    Human Rights Literacy Mission,
    website: yir.co.in email: contactyir@gmail.com


  2. Hello! I just started reading your blog and really enjoy the content so far. I am a bi-cultural woman with Mexican and Minnesotan heritage living in the U.S. More people need to be taking notice of the “human wrongs” you write about. Hope to keep spreading the word about what you write about. Thanks!


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