About Human Wrongs Watch


Everybody talks about human ‘rights’ and this is just great.

Nevertheless, human beings have been perpetrating, systematically, all kinds of wrongs–they kill each other, they destroy forests, seas, lands, and atmosphere. Simply, humans are now more than ever under the mercy of two dominant powers: the ‘market lords’ and the ‘war lords’–everything,  humans included, are now subject to trade deals. 

Human wrongs Watch informs about some of the so many human ‘wrongs’–it’s our way to draw your attention. Maybe this initiative can help correct some of our misdoing.

Perhaps this way we could at least slow down the quick deterioration process in which we were at first mere ‘consumers’ and we have now become just ‘consumed’ items,  numbers and figures to attract more and more ads and business.

Welcome to this modest try and to all the “likes” to contribute with fair, independent, documented, balanced news and views, and to disseminate this non-commercial initiative among their friends.

Thank you!

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