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World Must Tackle the Biggest Killer of Whales – and It’s Not Whaling

Human Wrongs Watch

Portoroz, Slovenia, Oct 24 2016 (IPS) – Every two years, governments from across the globe gather to debate the fate of the world’s whales. And every two years, Japan, Norway and Iceland find themselves in the firing line for their refusal to end commercial whaling.
The grave dangers of fishing nets are underestimated. Credit: Zofeen Ebrahim/IPS

The grave dangers of fishing nets are underestimated. Credit: Zofeen Ebrahim/IPS

This week at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting in Slovenia will be no different. But while the divisive debate on whaling rages, the IWC has the chance to unite behind efforts to tackle the most immediate 21st century threat to whales – bycatch.

It is scarcely believable but accidental entanglement in fishing gear – or bycatch – kills over 300,000 whales, dolphins and porpoises (collectively known as cetaceans) every year.


Prof. Johan Galtung (24 Oct 1930)

Human Wrongs Watch

By Antonio C. S. Rosa*

TRANSCEND Media Service, 24 October 2016 Johan Vincent Galtung, dr, dr hc mult, a professor of peace studies, was born in Oslo, Norway on the same day that the UN would come to existence 15 years later.

pic Johan black suit He is a mathematician–his first Ph.D.–, sociologist, political scientist and the founder of the academic disciplines of Peace and Conflict Studies.

He founded the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (1959), the world’s first academic research center focused on peace studies, as well as the influential Journal of Peace Research (1964).

He has helped found dozens of other peace centers around the world since.

He has served as a professor for peace studies at universities all over the world, including Columbia (New York), Oslo, Berlin, Belgrade, Paris, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Sichuan, Ritsumeikan (Japan), Princeton, Hawai’i, Tromsoe, Bern, Alicante (Spain), Islamic University of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, and dozens of others on all continents. He has taught thousands of individuals and motivated them to dedicate their lives to the promotion of peace and the satisfaction of basic human needs.


Washington’s Game of Good Terrorists vs Bad Terrorists

Human Wrongs Watch

By John Wight*

22 October 2016 (RT) When you reach the stage of making a distinction between good terrorists and bad terrorists, not only are you defending the indefensible, you are engaged in the ugly business of sowing dragon’s teeth.

Wounded civilians arrive at a hospital in Aleppo during the Syrian civil war. | Author: Voice of America News: Scott Bobb reports from Aleppo, Syria |  public domain | Wikimedia Commons: “This file has been identified as being free of known restrictions under copyright law, including all related and neighboring rights.”

Jahbat Al-Nusra, which recently changed its name to Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, is a terrorist organization dripping in the blood of men, women, and children – people it has butchered across Syria over the past five years for the crime of praying to a different God than them, or else the same God in a different way.


Student Struggle in South Africa Gains Momentum

Human Wrongs Watch

By Desmond Latham*

JOHANNESBURG, Oct 21 2016 (IPS) – When #FeesMustFall began to trend on social media platforms in South Africa in October 2015, government shrugged it off as an example of isolated hotheads, while political pundits predicted the student campaign wouldn’t last.

Hundreds of #FeesMustFall protesters gather outside the Union Buildings, the seat of government in South Africa, to demand free education on Oct. 20, 2016. Credit: Denvor DeWee/IPS

Hundreds of #FeesMustFall protesters gather outside the Union Buildings, the seat of government in South Africa, to demand free education on Oct. 20, 2016. Credit: Denvor DeWee/IPS

But a year later and the protest movement has gained traction across the country, with all major tertiary institutions partly shut down or barely functioning, and civil society warning that the effect on various sectors of the economy will carry over to 2017.


Afghanistan- Now Fighting Over Water

The demand for water to support agricultural development in conflict-plagued Afghanistan often results in high-stakes water disputes, according to a new United Nations report released on 23 October 2016, which underscores the need for more effective and transparent means of resolving the differences.*

A view of Bamyan National Park in September 2016. Afghanistan is characterized by rugged mountains, with more than half of the land area above 2,000 metres. There are also lakes and rivers, with most new water supply coming from rain and snow melt. UN Photo/UNAMA

“As this report clearly outlines, the stakes involved in water disputes are high,” said the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for the country, Tadamichi Yamamoto, in a news release. 


Meet the Uprooted Children and Families of Borno State, Nigeria

Human Wrongs Watch

By Kent Page*

BORNO STATE, Nigeria, 19 October 2016 (UNICEF) – Since 2014, the escalation of the Boko Haram insurgency has caused insecurity and massive displacement in north-east Nigeria and the Lake Chad region. An estimated 2.6 million people are internally displaced – more than half of whom are children.



UNICEF and partners are working together to address the many aspects of this humanitarian crisis, including alarming rates of malnutrition, a recent polio outbreak, limited school access, deteriorating health and water services, and the psychosocial impacts of living through violence.


“Beyond Revenge”, the Documentary Film Now Freely Available Online

Human Wrongs Watch

By Pressenza*

BERLIN, 22 October, 2016 –  The documentary “Beyond Revenge” that premiered on the 2nd of October in Berlin, and which has already been premiered in several other cities worldwide, is now freely available on youtube, just as the producers, Álvaro Orus and Luz Jahnen said it would be.

“Beyond Revenge”, the documentary film freely available online

It is subtitled in three languages, Spanish, English and German. Soon Italian, Greek, French and Portugese will be added.

The movie is about the mechanism of revenge that is deeply rooted in human beings and which the producers of the film trace back to the prehistoric past of humankind.


Refugees in Egypt Risk All on Deadly Sea Crossing to Europe

Human Wrongs Watch

By Don Murray*

Lured by smugglers, over 3,600 refugees and migrants have died or gone missing on the Mediterranean this year. Shipwreck survivors in Egypt recount their ordeal.

Sumaya tried to cross the Mediterranean four times attempting to reach Europe.  © UNHCR/Pedro Costa Gomes

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt (UNHCR),  21 October 2016 – The sea tempts them with a dream of a better life in Europe. But the sea kills and these are refugees who barely escaped with their lives when the smugglers’ boats capsized and sank.


Drama of New Life and Death for Children on the Move to Italy

The Italian Coastguard crew on the Luigi Dattilo vessel – who have saved thousands of refugees and migrants from drownings in the deadly waters of the Central Mediterranean – called us excitedly in the early hours of the morning to share the news: they had helped deliver two Eritrean babies on their boat.


To Live in Peace, Meet the Japanese Community Fighting for Their Forest

Human Wrongs Watch

By Takashi Morizumi* 

(Greenpeace) – For 20 years, the people of Okinawa, Japan have opposed the construction of a US military base that will damage the marine environment and endangered sea creatures like the Japanese dugong. Now the construction threatens to take over their forest.


Children swimming in the lake in the Yambaru forest | Takashi Morizumi/Greenpeace

Japanese photojournalist, Takashi Morizumi has been documenting the Okinawa people’s movement for nine years. Read his journey and meet the people who are fighting to keep their home.

Driving north along the highway towards Higashi village, Okinawa I’m immediately struck by the lush, green Yamburu Forest.

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