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     Baher Kamal, Human Wrongs Watch publisher and editor,  is an Egyptian-born, Spanish national, secular, pro-peace journalist, who  strongly believes in the need for humans to live in harmony with nature, of which we are all part and to which we all belong.


11 Comments to “Contact Baher Kamal”

  1. Dear Mr Kamal,

    As a colleague political blogger on and with high admiration for your articles and raison d’être, would you allow me to republish your articles from time to time, of course always integrally, with a reference and link to the original article and full credit to the authentic author? You are of course welcome do the same with my articles in English on my blog.

    Thanks for your response…


    • Dear colleague,

      I sincerely appreciate you very kind words and most welcome to republish any story any rime. I will gladly do the same with your interesting stories.

      Thank you indeed and best regards and wishes, Baher Kamal


  2. i was wodnering if i would be able to use as a image in my GCSE coursework.?


  3. Buenos dias señor kamal.

    Disculpe por enviarle esta nota en español, pero mi inglés es realmente malo. Tuve la gran suerte de compartir con mi mujer un vuelo de egipto a españa con usted, y nos impresionó mucho su humor y su forma de ver el mundo actual. Últimamente todo lo crítico piensan que es negativo, pero le animo a seguir siendo crítco, nos irá a todos mucho mejor. Sé que este comentario no va a ser de lo más leido pero quería mandarle un abrazo muy grande, que a veces es lo que uno más necesita.

    Un saludo.


    • Buenos días a los dos y muchas gracias por su amable mensaje!!! Lo que Usted dice es realmente reconfortante, así que seguiré su consejo. Espero que estén los dos muy bien y que nos volvamos a ver pronto, si no a bordo de un vuelo, en una terraza madrileña. Saludos muy cordiales, Baher


  4. thank you for reposting my article on Making Peace with the Cookie Monster. I read other articles on your blog with interest. Thank you for your writing. Xanthe Hall


  5. Can I receive your email updates on a weekly basis rather than the present daily basis?

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    • Thanks your message.

      Actually we do not send email updates on a daily basis, but once –sometimes twice– a week.

      Perhaps you have been receiving our updates on a daily basis because you may have subscribed via RSS.

      Kindly check and let us know so that we can help.

      And anyway, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

      Thanks you very much.


  6. you are right. not daily, but sometimes several separate emails. I’d rather receive them in one batch if possible. should i unsubscribe and resubscribe to solve the problem?

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