One in Six Children – or 356 Million – Were Living in ‘Extreme Poverty’ Before COVID-19, a Figure Set to Worsen Significantly

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(UN News)* — An estimated one in six children – or 356 million globally – were living in extreme poverty before the COVID-19 pandemic began, and this is set to worsen significantly, according to a new World Bank Group and UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) analysis released on Tuesday [20 October 2020].

© UNICEF/Niklas Halle’n | Children play outside a metal polishing workshop in a slum in Uttar Pradesh, India.

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During COVID-19, False Information on Social Media Can Be ‘Deadly’. World Campaign Urging People to Pause Before Sharing

UN OCHA/Gema Cortes | In Venezuela, the Internet is the source of both information and misinformation.

‘Don’t Ignore Economic Lessons of the Great Recession’

(UN Environment)* — “The world today finds itself in the worst financial and economic crisis in generations. The crisis has triggered an unprecedented policy response: interest rates have been dramatically reduced, in some cases down to almost zero, and hundreds of billions of dollars in liquidity support and fresh capital have been provided to banking systems around the world.”

rawfilm-ihMzQV3lleo-unsplashUnsplash/RawFilm / 13 Oct 2020

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UN Survives a World Turned Upside Down

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UNITED NATIONS, Oct 16 2020 (IPS)* – As the United Nations plans to commemorate its annual UN Day, come October 24, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is presiding over a world body which has remained locked down since last March because of the spreading coronavirus pandemic.


UN75: The Future We Want, The UN We Need. Credit: United Nations

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Ye Are Many, They Are Few!

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By John Scales Avery – TRANSCEND Media Service*

A New Freely Downloadable Book


John Scales Avery

I would like to announce the publication of a new book, which discusses the question of how oligarchs maintain their grasp on an excessive share of wealth and power when, as Shelley pointed out, the have-nots are many, while the power-holders are few.


The Peterloo Massacre

Rise, like lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number!
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you:
Ye are many, they are few!

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September Was the Warmest on Record for the Globe

15 October 2020 (WMO)* —  It was the warmest September on record for the globe. The first nine months of 2020 were the second warmest on record (after 2016), according to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Burkina Faso ‘One Step Short of Famine’

Human Wrongs Watch

(UN News)* — Unless access is urgently granted to humanitarian organizations, thousands in the Central Sahel will be “pushed into further destitution”, the UN emergency food relief agency warned on Monday [19 October 2020].  

UNOCHA/Giles Clarke | In Burkina Faso, the number of people facing a critical lack of food has increased.

Ahead of Tuesday’s High-Level Ministerial Conference on the Central Sahel in the Danish capital Copenhagen, the World Food Programme (WFP) sounded the alarm that catastrophic levels of hunger could hit parts of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger.

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Working to End Human Violence in the Time of Covid-19

Human Wrongs Watch

By Robert J. Burrowes*


Robert J. Burrowes

At what is arguably the most important time in human history, with Homo Sapiens confronted by an enormous range of violent challenges that threaten our very survival, the only question of any genuine importance is this:

Can we craft and implement a strategy to end the violence, particularly in each and all of its extinction-threatening dimensions, to ensure that humanity has a chance to thrive on planet Earth indefinitely into the future? But few are asking that question.

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‘Hunger Is Rising, Due to Factors Including Conflict, Climate Change and COVID-19’ – World Food Day

(UN News)*Hunger is rising, due to factors including conflict, climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic, which is putting a strain on food systems that are already failing in many countries. In 16 October 2020‘s LIVE blog, marking World Food Day, we will look at some of the many issues and possible solutions.
© FAO/Luis Tato | Members of a farmers cooperative harvest beans in Mwingi, Kenya.

Eating Better – For Us and the Planet

Human Wrongs Watch

15 October 2020 (UN Environment)* — Industrialized farming has been a reliable way to produce lots of food, at a relatively low cost. But it’s not the bargain it was once believed to be. Unsustainable agriculture can pollute water, air and soil; is a source of greenhouse gas; and destroys wildlife – an environmental cost equivalent to about US$3 trillion every year.


UN Photo-Fred NoyUN Photo/Fred Noy / 15 Oct 2020

The use of chemicals and antimicrobials can have adverse health effects and lead to resistant infections. And to top it all off, our production and consumption habits have been linked to the emergence of zoonotic diseases, such as COVID-19.

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