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MEE interviews: Archbishop Theodosios of Jerusalem

Archbishop Theodoios of Sebastia “Atallah Hanna” speaks to Middle East Eye about Palestinian emigration and unity between Christians and Muslims*

Archbishop Theodosios stands in front of the separation wall, Jerusalem (MEE/Michaela Whitton)


The Casino Republic

Human Wrongs Watch

By Uri Avnery*

14 February 2015 — WHO IS the ruler of Israel?


**Sheldon Adelson | Author: Bectrigger | Wikimedia Commons

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, of course.


The real ruler of Israel is one Sheldon Adelson, 81, American Jew, Casino king, who was rated as the world’s tenth richest person, worth 37.2 billion dollars at the latest count. But who is counting?

Besides his casinos in Las Vegas, Pennsylvania, Macao and Singapore, he owns the US Republican party and, lately, both Houses of the US Congress.

He also owns Binyamin Netanyahu.

ADELSON’S CONNECTION with Israel is personal. On a blind date, he fell in love with an Israeli woman.

Miriam Farbstein was born in Haifa, attended a prestigious high school, did her army service in the Israeli institute which deals with bacteriological warfare and is a multifaceted scientist. After an adopted son died of an overdose, she is devoted to the fight against drugs, especially cannabis.

Both Adelsons are fanatical supporters of Israel. Not just any Israel, but a rightist, supremacist, arrogant, violent, expansionist, annexationist, non-compromising, colonialist Israel.

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Genocide in Kashmir: India’s Shame

Human Wrongs Watch

By Andre Vltchek* – TRANSCEND Media Service

Welcome to Kashmir! It is deep winter. The mountains are covered with snow and the naked trees above the lakes at sunset, look melancholic and magnificent, precisely like a completed Chinese brush painting.

**United Nations' map of Jammu and Kashmir | Public Domain | Wikimedia Commons

**UN map of Jammu and Kashmir | Public Domain | Wikimedia Commons

Welcome to a nation overrun by the 700,000-strong security forces of the occupying power – India.

Welcome to the continuous presence of barbed wire, of military columns, and ‘security checks’.

Welcome to a brutality unimaginable almost anywhere else on earth!

Welcome to a land of joint military exercises conducted by the United States, Israel and India.

Kashmir! Still beautiful but scarred. Still proud but bleeding and thoroughly exhausted… Still standing, still resisting, still free and independent, at least in its heart!

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World Day to Combat Desertification 2015: 'No such thing as a free lunch…'

Human Wrongs Watch

The World Day to Combat Desertification (WDCD) is observed worldwide on 17 June every year. The focus this year is “attainment of food security for all through sustainable food systems.”*

Source: UNCCD

With the slogan, ‘No such thing as a free lunch. Invest in healthy soil’, the 2015 observance calls for:
(1) A change in our land use practices through smart agriculture and adaptation to changing climate, especially in the dry fragile parts of the world where food shortages are becoming more and more severe
(2) Access to technology and land rights for small holder farmers who safeguard the environment and meet the food needs of millions of households, especially among the poorest households
(3) A balance in the land use for ecology and consumption, drawing on the best practices
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