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Israel Sees Nazism in Mirror it Mistakes for Window

Human Wrongs Watch

By David Swanson* 

27 July 2015 – Israel is trying to expel the population of a village for the crime of not being Jewish, the same crime for which Israel bombs the people of Gaza for a month or so every few years and blockades them in between these bursts of violence.

Jewish settlers attacking Palestinian lady. Palestine. Photo from Middle East Monitor.

Jewish settlers attacking Palestinian lady as Israeli soldiers look passively. Palestine. Photo from Middle East Monitor. || TRANSCEND Media Service

Meanwhile, Mike Huckabee declares that making peace with Iran amounts to marching Israelis “to the door of the oven.”

Guess which of the two stories will get more coverage!

A crime of over 70 years ago, part of a war that in my unscientific estimate forms the single most common theme of U.S. historical fiction — whether print or film — is more important news in the view of U.S. editors than is a crime of right now.

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‘Paralyzing’ Funding Gap Forces Shutdown of 80% of Frontline Health Services in Iraq – UN

Human Wrongs Watch

The top United Nations humanitarian official in Iraq on 27 July 2015 declared as “devastating” the “inexplicable” closures of life-saving services in Iraq for people in need, citing the most recent shut-downs of basic health care will directly impact more than one million people, including some 500,000 children who now will not be immunized, spreading risk of a measles outbreak and resumption of polio.

Polio vaccination campaign in Iraq – August 2014. Photo: UNAMI

The most recent cutbacks come on top of recent “cascading” closures that has affected food rations, water supplies, sanitation and hygiene services as well specialized programmes for one million women and more than 1.2 million girls, many of whom the survivors of brutality and sexual and gender-based violence, according to a press release by UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq, Lise Grande.

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Study: Restrictions on Refugee Healthcare Cost More than Free Access to Services

Human Wrongs Watch

* by Nicole Sagener

Translated by Erika Körner

28 July 2015 – Asylum seekers in Germany only have limited access to medical care, an attempt by the state to keep costs low, but a new study shows health-related costs are much lower when refugees can freely access health services. EurActiv Germany reports.

[PROSave the Children/Flickr] | Source: EurActiv

**Photo: [PROSave the Children/Flickr] | Source: EurActiv

In most of the German Länder, asylum seekers are not allowed to go directly to doctors when they are in pain or call an ambulance after an accident. Instead, they are required to get a permit first from the appropriate authorities or the refugee centre.

This procedure is regulated by the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act of 1993. The goal of the law is to keep health-related spending low and limit incentives for asylum seekers in Germany.

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