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Pogrom of Minority Rohingya in Myanmar

Human Wrongs Watch

By Mohammad Amjad Hossain

25 September 2017 – TRANSCEND Media Service – It is high time that world body should make an all-out effort to stop present pogrom of minority Rohingya in Rakhine state by armed forces of Myanmar known as Tatmadaw.


A boy leans against UNHCR tarpaulin, waiting to be distributed at Kutupalong refugee camp. Photo: UNHCR/Paula Bronstein

Pogrom resemblance of tactic adopted by Nazi Germany against Jewish minority. Only difference is that Nazi Germany used gas chamber to kill Jewish in concentration camps whereas military junta of Myanmar torching villages of Rohingya, burnt houses and stop aid to Rohingya who are in the camps and restriction imposed on movement. 

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Good-Bye, See You Later

Human Wrongs Watch

By Johan Galtung*

25 September 2017 – TRANSCEND Media Service We made it!  Five hundred Mondays [from 3 Mar 2008] has Antonio from Brazil-Portugal posted an editorial by me from Norway and the world–sometimes with a coauthor.


Johan Galtung

With the good support of the other members of our editorial committee, Malvin Gattinger from Germany, Naakow Grant-Hayford from Ghana and Erika Degortes from Italy. THANKS!

Five hundred times have I had the challenge of exploring what the UN wisely calls a “situation”–unlike me, avoiding the word “crisis”.

Five hundred times have I tried to follow what I absorbed from when I was 2 years old at dining tables listening to my physician father and nurse mother–daughter of the director of health care in Norway–the program implicit in the three magic words diagnosis-prognosis-therapy. DPT.

Five hundred analyses of something problematic to put it mildly; five hundred efforts to forecast, foresee what will happen if we do nothing, and five hundred efforts to end creatively with a proposal.

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Indictment of Burma/Myanmar for State Crimes

Human Wrongs Watch

By Permanent People’s Tribunal on Myanmar’s State Crimes – TRANSCEND Media Service*


New arrivals in Bangladesh’s Ukhiya area right after crossing the border with Myanmar’s northern Rakhine state. Photo: UNHCR/Vivian Tan

TO: The Panel of Judges of the Permanent People’s Tribunal on Myanmar’s State Crimes

FROM: The Prosecution Team[i]

DATE: August 2017

Whereas the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal is a public opinion tribunal[ii] based on the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Peoples (Algiers, 1976), on all the instruments of international law, and on the inherent rights of people;

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Merkel’s Defeat Confirms Dismal Trend for Europe

Human Wrongs Watch

ROME, Sep 29 2017 (IPS) Generally, media have failed to analyse why the result of German elections is the worst possible. Merkel is not a winner, but a leader now in a very fragile position, who will have to make many compromises and pay now for her mistakes.


Roberto Savio

Let us make at least the most important four points of analysis.

Point One: the decline of traditional parties

Now for some years, the traditional parties who have run their countries since the end of the Second World War are becoming irrelevant.

The last French elections saw the practical collapse of the Socialist and Gaullist parties, with the arrival of a totally unknown candidate, Macron, who has now 60% of the seats in the Parliament.

The same happened earlier in the Austrian presidential elections.

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Lake Chad Basin: Vulnerable People ‘a Step Away from Starvation’

Human Wrongs Watch

28 September 2017 – The scale up of international assistance to the Lake Chad Basin this year has averted a famine in north-east Nigeria, even though millions of people are still suffering, according to the United Nations aid chief.

Children prepare freshly caught fish, village of Tagal, Lake Chad region, Chad. Photo: UNICEF/Tremeau

Having visited Niger and Nigeria earlier this month, the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Mark Lowcock, told reporters today at UN Headquarters in New York: “There are still millions of people who have suffered a lot and continue to suffer, many of them just a step away from starvation.”


Number of Muslim Rohingya Fleeing Violence in Myanmar Reaches Half a Million

Human Wrongs Watch

The United Nations refugee agency on 29 September 2017 announced that it has started distributing plastic sheeting and essential relief items to Rohingyas arriving in from Myanmar into neighbouring Bangladesh, as part of a massive effort to cut the time refugees spend in the open.

The UN refugee agency distributes aid supplies to Rohingya Hindu families taking shelter at Hindu Par village, Bangladesh. Photo: UNHCH/Roger Arnold


Horrific Accounts of Sexual Violence against Muslim Rohingya ‘Just Tip of the Iceberg’ – UN

Human Wrongs Watch

28 September 2017 – Warning that the horrific accounts of rape and sexual assault against Rohingya women and girls fleeing unrest in Myanmar could be “just the tip of the iceberg,” the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) underscored the need to ensure that such violence is prevented and called for additional resources so that it can reach all those in need of assistance.

Displaced persons near Sittwe, Myanmar in December 2013. IRIN/David Longstreath


72 States Sign UN ‘Voluntary’ Compact on Preventing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

Human Wrongs Watch

29 September 2017 – More than 90 United Nations Member States have signed or intend to sign the voluntary compact on preventing and addressing sexual exploitation and abuse, answering the call of Secretary-General António Guterres to address the scourge.

Secretary-General António Guterres. UN Photo/Mark Garten (file)

“This represents an unprecedented demonstration of solidarity and a firm commitment to addressing the issue comprehensively and effectively, ensuring full implementation of the Secretary-General’s zero tolerance policy,” said UN Spokesman Stéphane Dujarric at the daily press briefing in New York.

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To Be an Egyptian Migrant in Rome (and by the Way Make Great Pizza)

Human Wrongs Watch

ROME, Sep 28 2017 (IPS) – “I asked him: do you want to come with us to Greece? He said: ‘Why not?’ So my wife and myself packed up and drove to Athens to open our ‘trattoria’ there.”

Credit: IOM/Ingy Mehanna. Contributor: Christine Beshay. International Organization for Migration

Mario* (63) and his wife Concetta* (57) started telling their story while waiting for the chef to prepare three pizzas and one spaghetti carbonara for this table of four tourists coming from four different countries.

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Gandhi’s Truth: Ending Human Violence One Commitment at a Time

Human Wrongs Watch

By Robert J. Burrowes*

Gandhi Jayanti – 2 October, the date of Mohandas K. Gandhi’s birth in 1869 and the International Day of Nonviolence – offers an opportunity to reflect on human violence and to ponder ways to end it.


Robert J. Burrowes

There may be a fast way to end human violence but, if there is, Gandhi did not know it. Nor do I. Nor does anyone else that I have read or asked either. But this does not mean there is no way to end human violence.

Human violence has a cause. See ‘Why Violence?’ and ‘Fearless Psychology and Fearful Psychology: Principles and Practice’.

It has many manifestations. And it can be ended. But if this is to happen, then many of us must make the commitment to work towards that end.

This is because, as Gandhi noted: ‘The future depends on what we do in the present.’

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