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Bees Mean Life

Human Wrongs Watch

Why we need bees for a nutritious future


Three out of four crops across the globe producing fruits or seeds for human use as food depend, at least in part, on bees and other pollinators. ©FAO/Greg Beals

19 May 2019 (FAO)* — It’s early May in one of Spain’s most prolific honey-producing region, and Julio Solana Muñoz is worried. The third-generation beekeeper has noticed that the flowers in the fields near his town aren’t anywhere near as numerous as they were even a year ago. His hives are dying off, too. In recent years, the mortality rate for his bees has climbed to nearly 35 percent.

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‘Protecting Civilians in Combat Zones: Tackling Explosive Weapons in Populated Areas’

Human Wrongs Watch

By Izumi Nakamitsu, United Nations High Representative for Disarmament Affairs*

Human suffering caused by war is not a new phenomenon.

Ms. Nakamitsu 3

Izumi Nakamitsu

And while our highest priority remains the prevention of war, evolving patterns of armed violence are posing new and more difficult challenges that require action.

The number of people killed in armed conflict has risen tenfold since 2005.

Conflict is migrating into villages, towns and cities, but governments and non-state actors are continuing to use weapons designed for open battlefields.

Many weapons originally intended for battlefield use, those that disperse multiple munitions over a wide area, fire without a direct line of sight to the target, or produce large blasts and fragmentation, pose serious humanitarian concerns when used in populated areas.

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Long Life to Their Majesties, The Bees!

Human Wrongs Watch

By Baher Kamal*

Amazingly organised social communities, bees ensure food chain. ‘Bee’ grateful to them… at least in their Wold Day!


Did you know that out of at least 20 000 species of bees only 7 of them are honeybees? Western honeybees produce 1.6 million tonnes of honey a year. ©StudioSmart/ | Photo from FAO.

While the (surprisingly) still called homo sapiens continues to destroy Mother Nature, bees and other pollinators, such as butterflies, bats and hummingbirds, carry on performing their vital role as one of the most marvellous, unpaid, life guarantors.

See what the world community of scientists and specialised organisations tell about them.

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Human Rights Org: Treatment of Indigenous People Is Genocide

18 May 2019 (teleSUR)*Canada has long been overrun with large numbers of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls and over-representation of Indigenous people in correctional facilities.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights says the colonial experience in the country, from the time of first contact to present day, is genocide.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights says the colonial experience in the country, from the time of first contact to present day, is genocide. | Image from teleSUR.

The treatment of Indigenous peoples in Canada was reviewed and will henceforth be identified as a genocide, the Winnipeg-based Museum for Human Rights has declared.

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Are Robots Sexist? UNESCO Report Shows Gender Bias in Talking Digital Tech

Why do most voice assistants have female names, and why do they have submissive personalities? The answer, says a new report released on Friday [17 May 2019] by UNESCO, the UN’s Education, Science and Culture agency, is that there are hardly any women working in the technical teams that develop these services and other cutting-edge digital tools.

World Bank/Charlotte Kesl | Two schoolgirls make use of classroom computers at San Jose, a rural secondary school in La Ceja del Tambo, Antioquia, Colombia. | Photo from UN News.
The publication, produced in collaboration with the Germany Government and the EQUALS Skills Coalition – an alliance of public and private sector partners which encourages the involvement of women and girls in scientific and digital technology sectors – is called “I’d Blush If I Could.”

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Do We Need a Global Convention of Common Principles for Building Peace?

Human Wrongs Watch

STOCKHOLM, May 17 2019 (IPS)* When the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) concluded a three-day forum on “Peace and Development” on May 16, the primary focus was the daunting challenges threatening global security, including growing military interventions, spreading humanitarian emergencies, forced migration, increasing civil wars, extreme weather conditions triggered by climate change and widespread poverty and conflict-related hunger.


Sweden’s Minister for International Development Cooperation Peter Eriksson

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Brazil’s Students Plan Another Massive Strike Against Bolsonaro

The far-right politician’s disqualification of protesters, who were branded as idiots and dolts, fueled a new cycle of unstoppable demonstrations, local observers anticipate.

Brazilians protest against education-related budget cuts in Sao Paulo, Brazil May 15, 2019. The banner reads

Brazilians protest against education-related budget cuts in Sao Paulo, Brazil May 15, 2019. The banner reads ‘Out Bolsonaro.’ | Photo: Reuters | Photo from teleSUR.

16 May 2019 (teleSUR)* — The Brazilian Union of High School Students (UBES), the National Union of Students (UNE) and the National Association of Graduate Students (ANPG) jointly called for Wednesday the Second Nationwide Strike in Defense of Education, which will be held on May 30.

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Bolsonaro Denies Education Cuts, Says Smart Minority Are Using ‘Idiot’ Protesters

The country’s most prestigious and competitive federally funded universities, university hospitals, research grants and federally funded high schools are affected by the cuts.

The demonstrations mark the largest anti-government gathering since Bolsonaro took office.

The demonstrations mark the largest anti-government gathering since Bolsonaro took office. | Photo: Reuters | Photo from teleSUR.

16 May 2019 (teleSUR)* — Brazilian president slams tens of thousands of students and teachers who, while protesting the government’s education cuts Wednesday night across Brazil, were met with resistance and subsequently teargassed by the police force.

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India Advances Ground-Breaking Plan to Keep Planet and People Cool

Human Wrongs Watch

India’s new comprehensive Cooling Action Plan targets an increase in sustainable cooling for the good of its population, while helping to fight climate change


Photo from UN Environment.

17 May 2019 (UN Environment)* — Four years after temperatures hit the high forties in India, claiming over 2,000 lives, parts of the country are again baking in intense, and deadly, heatwaves. Throughout April and into May, the states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan have seen daily highs of 42°C.

As climate change increases, such temperatures are becoming the new normal. Combined with economic growth and urbanization, this brings a huge growth in cooling demand. The number of air conditioners in India is expected to rise from 15 million in 2011 to 240 million in 2030.

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‘Climate Change and Disasters Are Driving More People to Move than Ever Before’

Geneva, 16 May 2019 (IOM)*   Climate change and disasters are driving more people to move than ever before, whether due to sudden onset disasters like the unprecedented cyclones that devastated Southern Africa earlier this year, or destructive long-term weather patterns causing drought. 


Women displaced from drought in Ethiopia receive emergency shelter from IOM. The Organization supports more than 70 countries to prevent and mitigate disaster displacement. Photo: Rikka Tupaz

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