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How Do Greenhouse Gases Actually Warm the Planet?

Human Wrongs Watch

5 January 2022 (UNEP)* — Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions – the atmospheric gases responsible for causing global warming and climatic changeare critical to understanding and addressing the climate crisis. Despite an initial dip in global GHG emissions due to COVID-19, the United Nations Environment Programme’s latest Emissions Gap Report (EGR) estimates that emissions rebounded to near-2019 levels in 2021.



A Crisis of Democracy in the US – What to Watch For in 2022

Human Wrongs Watch

By Chrissy Stroop*

The future is gloomy, with abortion rights threatened, rampant voter suppression and radical Republicans undermining democracy at every turn

The March to Save America rally on 6 January 2021 that preceded the US Capitol ‘insurrection’ | Shay Horse/NurPhoto/PA Images

(openDemocracy)* — Sad to say, when it comes to political life and civil society in the United States, 2021 has not given proponents of democracy and human rights much to celebrate.

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Record-Breaking Heat and Rainfall, Devastating Fires and Debilitating Drought Were among the Extreme Weather, Climate and Water Events of 2021

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Humanity’s Massive Footprint on the Face of Nature

Human Wrongs Watch

By John Scales Avery, Ph.D. – TRANSCEND Media Service

I would like to announce the publication of a new book which discusses the reasons for our human encroachment on the earth’s ecological systems, and the possible consequences if we do not take steps to correct the problem.


John Scales Avery

The book may be downloaded and circulated free of charge from the following link:

Here are some of the problems that are discussed in the book:

The Threat of an Extremely Large-Scale Famine

There is a danger that by the middle of the present century, population growth, the end of the fossil fuel era, and the effect of climate change on agriculture will combine to produce an extremely large-scale famine, afflicting billions of people rather than millions.

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Waves of Haitians Risk Treacherous Sea Journey to Find Better Life

IOM | Many migrants leave on boats from Haiti’s northern coast.
“I was trying the reach the Turks and Caicos Islands, but my boat capsized at sea. If there were opportunities to start up my own business, I would stay in Haiti.” 

The story of Jacques* a 32-year-old father from Limonade on Haiti’s northern coast is perhaps typical of the increasing numbers of people who try to leave the Caribbean country in unofficial ways and without proper documentation.


Apologies from Human Wrongs Watch


Baher Kamal

Human Wrongs Watch sincerely asks for your indulgence as its daily updates focus on the so many and so inhuman violations of the most basic rights everywhere in the world.

Unfortunately we could not do otherwise. Media generally report on an astonishingly reduced number of events that are either irrelevant to the principle of “All Human Beings Are Born Equal,” or to the basic, pressing needs of the most vulnerable.

And we do so to modestly attempt to call you attention towards the numerous unseen –or unwanted to be seen– news and views.

Human Wrongs Watch wishes for all a new year of peace, serenity, heath and care, much care for Mother Nature.


2021 Human Wrongs Watch



Grave Violations Surge for Children in Conflict  

Human Wrongs Watch

(UN News)* — Armed conflict, inter-communal violence and insecurity continued to take a devastating toll on thousands of children throughout 2021, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), warned on Friday [31 December 2021].

© UNICEF/Omar Sanadiki | A one-month-old baby shelters with her family in Adra after fleeing eastern Ghouta in Syria.

From Afghanistan to Yemen, and Syria to northern Ethiopia, UNICEF denounced grave violations against youngsters in both protracted and new conflicts.

‘Dreadful disregard’ 

Last week, four children were reportedly among the victims of an attack that killed at least 35 people – including two Save the Children staff – in Kayah state in eastern Myanmar.


The Real Antidote to Inflation: Stoking the Fire without Burning Down the Barn

Human Wrongs Watch

By Ellen Brown | Web of Debt – TRANSCEND Media Service*

The Fed has options for countering the record inflation the U.S. is facing that are more productive and less risky than raising interest rates.


Ellen Brown

The Federal Reserve is caught between a rock and a hard place. Inflation grew by 6.8% in November, the fastest in 40 years, a trend the Fed has now acknowledged is not “transitory.”

The conventional theory is that inflation is due to too much money chasing too few goods, so the Fed is under heavy pressure to “tighten” or shrink the money supply. Its conventional tools for this purpose are to reduce asset purchases and raise interest rates.

But corporate debt has risen by $1.3 trillion just since early 2020; so if the Fed raises rates, a massive wave of defaults is likely to result.

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Rural Women in Peru Seed Water Today to Harvest It Tomorrow

Human Wrongs Watch

CUZCO, Peru , Dec 22 2021 (IPS)* – “When I was a little girl we didn’t suffer from water shortages like we do now. Today we are experiencing more droughts, our water sources are drying up and we cannot sit idly by,” Kely Quispe, a small farmer from the community of Huasao, located half an hour from Cuzco, the capital of Peru’s ancient Inca empire, told IPS. | En español

The Origin of Violence

Human Wrongs Watch

Henna Maria Vermeulen interviews Robert J. Burrowes, Ph.D. | Odysee – TRANSCEND Media Service*

Where violence comes from and how we can best reclaim our freedom in this time of ever increasing oppression and surveillance.

END GENOCIDE NOW is a campaign that aims to enlighten people about the mechanisms and manuscripts of tyranny, as well as the remedies for sovereignty. Have you ever sat down in self reflection and asked yourself, why do human beings kill each other?

Today I get to speak with a man who has dedicated 14 years of his life in seclusion to explore that very question in depth.

Robert J. Burrowes is an author and world renowned scholar and teacher of nonviolent action strategy, especially the Gandhian approach.

He has spent 40 years actively researching and analysing the structure of violent elite dominance and applying his knowledge into organised strategic resistance.

Click to Watch:—The-Origin-Of-Violence—Robert-Burrowes:f

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