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25 Million Private ‘Warriors’ To Protect You.. And Kill You!

Human Wrongs Watch

They do not apply the Mexican joke “I kill people for money; but you, my best friend, I will kill you for nothing!”. They are the private “warriors” who always charge for their services.

Powerful militaries, key government agencies, large corporations and business and even individuals are increasingly outsourcing aspects of their security to private companies, which rely on a kind of private armies made of 20-25 million persons. Their growing and even dubious activities are poorly documented.

US Soldiers in Afghanistan | Wikimedia Commons

Small Arms Survey (SAS), an independent research project located at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, has prepared a study on this issue, attempting to shed light on a poorly documented aspect of the global private security industry: its use of arms.

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Does Anyone Know Anything About A New Country Called South Sudan?

By Baher Kamal | Human Wrongs Watch

Since July 9th, a new state, South Sudan, came to join the international community. As usual, mainstream media have both under-reported and under-informed about it. This is a standard practice–mainstream media mostly ‘tells about bleeding events such as wars and deadly attacks. But, what do we know about this new state?

South Sudan | Wikimedia Commons

To start with, South Sudan extends over 700 sq. kms., over one fourth of Sudan’s totalsurfacee of 2,5 million sq.kms. 

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