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‘The Journalists Who Turned the World Upside Down’

Human Wrongs Watch

By Ramesh Jaura – IDN-InDepthNews*Berlin – When he took to the road to correct imbalance in the flow of information, which was very much to the detriment of newly independent and developing countries, there was an air of optimism and trust, recalls Roberto Savio, a global citizen par excellence who embodies culture of peace and is a relentless champion of pluralism in the media.

“The economy was growing, the genie of uncontrollable finance was not yet out of the bottle in which it had been shut away by political power, and we young people knew that we had a future,” writes Savio in the book titled The Journalists Who Turned the World Upside Down – Voices of another Information, telling the story of Inter Press Service (IPS) in a lucid and engaging style.

While this book is expected to be published by Amazon in May 2012, its Italian edition I giornalisti che ribaltarono il mondo by Nuovi Mondi has been on the shelves since November 2011. A Spanish edition is under preparation.

Savio – an eminent Italian/Argentine journalist – perceives the book as “a joint history”, “a large quilt made of the stories and faces of people from different continents, with different lives, but united by the same commitment: to renew the world of information, making  it more plural and more just.”

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Wave of Violence Threatens Egyptian Presidential Elections

Human Wrongs Watch

By *, Cairo  

Violent clashes between  protesters staging a sit-in outside the Defence Ministry Headquarters in Cairo’s Abbasseya district and unknown assailants killed at least 20 people on Wednesday and left scores of others injured.

Photo: Jonathan Rashad | Wikimedia Commons

The violence began in the early hours of Wednesday [2 May] when un-identified men in plain clothes attacked the peaceful sit-in  —apparently with the aim of dispersing the protesters who had camped out there for several days.

Supporters of Salafist former presidential candidate Hafez Abou Ismail had marched to Abbasseya on Friday evening to protest his exclusion from the presidential race. They were later joined by other activists: mainly liberals and members of the 6 April Movement. They all demanded an end to military rule and a swift  handover to a civilian government.

“What started as a peaceful  demonstration  has turned into a bloodbath,” cried Iman Mohamed, an activist who had joined the sit-in a couple of days earlier. She added that the assailants had fired gun shots and used Molotov cocktails and tear gas. Some of the protesters responded by hurling rocks and stones at the assailants, others engaged in fist fights.

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