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'Squeezed': Risky Jobs and Domestic Violence – The ‘Hidden’ Social Costs of High Food Prices

Human Wrongs Watch

A new era of high and volatile food prices is causing life-changing shifts in society, according to Oxfam* and the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) in a joint report.

Source: OXFAM

Source: OXFAM

The report, entitled Squeezed‘, highlights how the failure of wages to keep pace with five years of food price rises is putting a strain on families and communities including: increased incidences of domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse; dramatic changes in the workforce as agricultural jobs are abandoned in favor of riskier but better paid work such as mining; and a breakdown in community life as expensive social events such as weddings are put on hold.

The report, which was  published on 23 May 2013, also highlighted that people are skipping meals or relying on cheaper, lower quality and sometimes contaminated food to make ends meet.

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