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85 Individuals Have the Same Wealth as Half the People on Our Planet– Even It Up!

By OXFAM*, 30 October 2014* — 85 individuals have the same wealth as half the people on our planet. Such extreme economic inequality is standing in the way of ending global poverty, and widening other inequalities like the gap between women and men. It is time to Even it up!

Source: OXFAM

Source: OXFAM

The number of billionaires doubles since financial crisis as inequality spirals out of control

In same period at least a million mothers died in childbirth due to lack of basic health services

Rising inequality could set the fight against poverty back by decades, Oxfam warned on 29 October 2014 as it published a new report showing that the number of billionaires worldwide has more than doubled since the financial crisis.

The report, Even it Up: Time to End Extreme Inequality, details how the richest people in the world have more money than they could ever spend while hundreds of millions live in abject poverty without essential health care or basic education.

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