Human Wrongs Watch

By Rahmi Carolina*

28 October 2015 (Greenpeace) – 22 year old Indonesian student, Rahmi Carolina has spent her entire life living with the haze. Each year, as the fires rage and grow more intense, so does she. So she’s using social media and doing something about it.

Elementary school students under a heavy haze at Sei Ahass village in Kapuas district, Central Kalimantan province on Borneo Island, Indonesia

Elementary students under a heavy haze in Central Kalimantan province, Borneo Island | Greenpeace

When I was young my friends and I would visit our local river, just a short walk from our small town in Pangkalan Kerinci, upstream of Riau’s peatland coast in Sumatra.

On days when we needed to cool down from the heat, we would spend hours swimming and getting lost in the shade of the trees, chasing birds and sleeping.

My parents instilled in me the importance of the environment. Growing up, forests fascinated me – how trees nurture and protect us, the beauty of bark, the way in which roots weave like tangled hair knots.

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