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Military Security and Human Security

Human Wrongs Watch

By Roberto Savio*

27 November 2015

This week’s downing of a Russian jet by Turkey near the Syrian border will complicate even more the mess surrounding Syria.


Roberto Savio

Putin has called Turkey an “accomplice of terrorists”, and has denounced that the oil extracted by the Islamic State (ISIS), which is vital for its finances, is sold through Turkey.

This was an open secret, as it is an open secret that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are in fact financing Sunni terrorism.

Meanwhile, France is pushing for military support from European partners.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has promised support, and has announced a 16.8 billion pound increase in Britain’s defence budget, while at the same time cutting public spending costs, including for education and health.

It is interesting to note that in the world’s various stock exchanges, beginning with the City in London, the value of the shares in the military industry are on the rise.

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I Have Never Punished My Child

Human Wrongs Watch

By Anahata Giri*

27 November 2015

I have never punished my child. This is not because I have some kind of freaky perfect child. My 8 year old son is a normal child who engages with the world with a natural childlike intensity.



The author and her son: listening for a nonviolent world.

This means he sometimes challenges boundaries by doing what he wants and upsetting others. At times I am very upset by his actions and I have been stretched beyond my own boundaries many times. This can be really tough.

But punishment is never an option.

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