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If You Believe in Human Rights, You Believe in Renewable Energy for All

Human Wrongs Watch

By Arin de Hoog*

10 December, 2015 (Greenpeace) – Climate change and human rights. We care about them both, but we often think of them separately. Violations of human rights we usually associate with brutal regimes, unjustified imprisonment and violence carried out between people.

Human Rights and Climate Justice Workshop in Vanuatu. 8 Jun, 2015 © Steven Lyon / Greenpeace

“Climate change” creates images of melting glaciers, radical and unseasonal temperature changes and creeping desertification. But climate change may contribute increasingly to extreme weather events.

From events that build to a crescendo; like the cold snap in December associated with a  weakened “polar vortex”, or the impacts of the current intense El Nino – to weather events that slam into us like a fist; like the hurricane that devastated New Orleans and the typhoons that repeatedly wreak havoc in the Philippines.

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