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Africa, Only If It Bleeds It Leads?

Human Wrongs Watch

By Baher Kamal*

20 January 2016  (IPS) Africa is clearly one of the most negatively impacted regions by the increasingly dominant trend among the mainstream media to focus on tragic news, this way following a self-imposed rule that says: “if it bleeds it leads.”

Seven Top Challenges Facing African Women.  Credit: Courtesy of the African Union Commission

2016, the African Year of Human Rights with Parcular Fcus on the Rights of Women.  Credit: Courtesy of the African Union Commission

Famine; hunger; malnutrition; indebtedness; piracy; wars; massacres; tribal fights; terrorist attacks; Boko Haram; Al Qaeda Maghreb; Islamic State; Western military interventions; corruption; human rights abuses, and repeated operations of humanitarian assistance, among others, are pure adrenalin for most media outlets.

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