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September 11, 2001: Diagnosis, Prognosis, Therapy (*)

Human Wrongs Watch

By Johan Galtung*

12 September 2016, TRANSCEND Media Service – Today is September 11, 2016.


Johan Galtung

The TRANSCEND Reaction to 9/11/2001

1. Diagnosis.

Politics, like communication is seen in terms of who does what to whom, how-when-where, and why. The what-how-when-where of the September 11 attack in New York and Washington is clear; the problems are who and why.

But why is at least clear up to a certain point. Like the presidential palace in Santiago, Chile, also bombed on a September 11 (1973) somebody had something against what happened inside some buildings: the capitalism of the US world trade and the militarism of the US Pentagon for year 2001/1/; the politics of the Unidad Popular for year 1973.

The text was written in building language, and like for all texts what is not written may be equally important: no museum, no cathedral, no parliament. The 19-20 hijackers hit what they wanted, just like the Chilean Air Force and its masters.

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The War on Terror – A Predictable Fiasco

Human Wrongs Watch

Lund, Sweden, September 10th, 2016 ((TFFTransnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research) – This coming Sunday marks the 15th anniversary of what could be called the most counter-productive, if not stupid, war in modern history: The War On Terror.

Today that war is much much more dangerous to the world’s future than the terrorists it is allegedly supposed to hunt down.

And it has caused thousands of times more suffering, death and destruction – at least a million innocent people killed.

It’s not a war on terrorism but on terrorists and that is as smart as trying to fight all diseases by killing patients.

It’s a war fought without any consideration of the one big question: Why did they do it and why do they do it? Media and politics only asking: Who did it? How was it done? Where? How to respond?

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