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That Woman

Human Wrongs Watch

By Uri Avnery*


Ben-Gurion said about her: “The only thing Golda knows how to do is to hate!”


Uri Avnery

Golda Meir did not hate me. That would be an understatement. She detested me.

The way I speak, the way I dress, the way I look. Everything.

Once, in the middle of a speech in the Knesset (I believe it was about allowing the Beatles to appear in Israel) I interrupted myself and said: “Now I want to answer MK Golda Meir…”

“But MK Meir has not said anything!” the chairman objected.

“I am not answering an interjection,” I explained. “I am answering her grimaces!”

And indeed, Golda was grimacing, every muscle of her face proclaiming her detestation.

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“People say you can learn everything in Berlin, except German”

Human Wrongs Watch

Student Ayra’ story is part of the UN International Organisation for Migration (IOM) series: “i am a migrant“.*  Ayra’s country of origin is Canada and she currently lives in Germany – 6,534 kms from home.

 Ayra | Photo from IOM

“My name is Ayra Reyla, I’m 23-years-old and I came to Germany about a year ago in order to study. Originally, I’m from Guelph, Canada, a small town near Toronto.”

“I remember that I was a bit out of my depth with the metro system when I first arrived here. My father was with me and we then decided to take a cab from the airport to get to the hotel.”

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Saudi Arabia: Thousands Held Arbitrarily — Dramatic Increase in Detention Without Trial


**Photo: President Donald Trump speaks with Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, 14 March 2017. | Foreign Leader Visits | The White House from Washington, DC | public domain. | Wikimedia Commons.

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Study Finds Refugee Businesses Play Vital Role in Local Economy

Human Wrongs Watch

By Yvonne Ndege*

Research shows huge opportunities for private sector in Kenya’s Kakuma refugee camp and its neighbouring town.

Esperanza is a refugee fashion designer from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  © UNHCR/Samuel Otieno


Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya, 4 May 2018 (UNHCR)* — Esperanza Tabisha, a refugee fashion designer from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is arranging her latest designs in her small shop made of corrugated iron in Kakuma refugee camp, north-western Kenya.

Two customers arrive to take a look at what is on sale. One is a refugee, another works for a local non-governmental organization. Most of the merchandise is made of kitenge, a thick, shiny fabric, traditionally dyed in bright colours.

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If Finance Is Upholding Climate Change – We Will Not Uphold Finance

Greenpeace Sweden Stops Payment of Climate-Damaging Pension Fees

From left to right: Frode Pleym, Head of Greenpeace Sweden; Parul Sharma, Human Rights Lawyer; Pia Wickman, Greenpeace Nordic Head of Finance; Em Petersson, Campaigner © Christian Åslund / Greenpeace


Slavoj Zizek: Should Donald Trump Get the Nobel Peace Prize?

Human Wrongs Watch

By Slavoj Zizek*


**Photo: Donald Trump Laconia Rally, Laconia, NH by Michael Vadon July 16 2015 | Author: Michael Vadon | Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Four US presidents have already been awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize: Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter (after leaving office), and Barack Obama in 2009 for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people.”

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