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UN Commission on Human Rights Investigates ‘Widespread, Systematic Sexual Violence’ across South Sudan

Human Wrongs Watch

Widespread and systematic sexual violence across South Sudan, just a few months after the country’s top two politicians signed a renewed commitment to peace, was at the top of the UN Commission on Human Rights in the country’s agenda on 14 December 2018, as members ended their first fact-finding mission.

OCHA/Jacob Zocherman | Mother and daughter in Unity State, South Sudan.
The three-person team investigating rights violations in the world’s youngest country, which has been mired in bloody civil conflict since 2013, arrived on the ground shortly after more than 150 women and girls were reportedly sexually assaulted in the northern town of Bentiu.

Preparing Africa for Ravages of Climate Change ‘Cannot Be an Afterthought’ – UN Climate Conference

Human Wrongs Watch

Africa is at a “tipping point” as global warming increases, and urgent action needs to be taken across the continent now, to mitigate risks and safeguard a decade of social and economic gains, according to a new report launched on 14 December 2018 by the United Nations Development Agency (UNDP) at the COP24 climate conference, in Katowice, Poland.

UNDP Chad/Jean Damascene Hakuzim | In the reforestation site of Merea, Chad, children are planting acacia seedlings for the future In the past 50 years, Lake Chad basin shrank from 25,000 square kilometers to 2,000square kilometers.
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