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World’s Highest Peaks, Hit Hard by Climate Change; the Impacts Are Cascading Down to Some of Earth’s Most Densely Populated Areas

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High Mountain Summit seeks to boost climate and disaster resilience


(Photo posted here from WMO).
28 October 2019 (World Meteorological Organization)* The world’s highest peaks, ranging from the Andes to the Alps and the Third Pole to the tropics, are being hit hard by climate change, and the impacts of this are cascading down to some of Earth’s most densely populated areas.

African Leadership Breaking the Deadly Silence on Future Migration

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By Anthony Judge | Laetus in Praesens – TRANSCEND Media Service

Courageous insight on a vital issue that European politicians and the UN fear to evoke.


Anthony Judge

Deadly silence

It is curious to note how systematically international authorities and political leadership have avoided any discussion of future migration from Africa — beyond the immediate future.

This includes the careful crafting by statistical agencies — typically in the habit of offering estimates on other matters through to 2050, or even to the end of the century.

This peculiar situation is reviewed in detail in a separate document.

This includes such estimates in the light of assumptions that can be readily made and fruitfully challenged in honest debate (Anticipating Future Migration into Europe (2018-2050): Beyond the irresponsibility of current political and humanitarian short-termism, 2017).

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Argentina: Progressive Fernandez Wins Presidency, Defeats Macri

As the candidates needed 45 percent of the vote to avoid a second round, the 47 percent obtained by the Fernandez-Fernandez ticket has been enough to give them the win.

Argentina's presidential candidate Alberto Fernandez and his running mate, former President Cristina Fernandez, greet supporters during a closing campaign rally in Mar del Plata, Argentina, on October 24, 2019.

Argentina’s presidential candidate Alberto Fernandez and his running mate, former President Cristina Fernandez, greet supporters during a closing campaign rally in Mar del Plata, Argentina, on October 24, 2019. | Photo: Reuters (posted here from teleSUR).

27 October 2019 (teleSUR)* — With almost 90 percent of votes counted, Argentinian opposition progressive ticket Alberto Fernandez and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner have won over right-wing incumbent President Mauricio Macri with 47,75 over 40,76 percent respectively in Sunday’s general elections.

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Why Nitrogen Management Is Key for Climate Change Mitigation

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22 October 2019 (UN Environment)*The environmental interest in nitrogen (N2), an essential component of the air we breathe, focuses on the conversion of N2 into other chemically reactive forms. Some are vital for life itself and some cause costly and dangerous nitrogen pollution.


Photo by Lynn Betts/ Wikimedia Commons.

“Altogether, humans are producing a cocktail of reactive nitrogen that threatens health, climate and ecosystems, making nitrogen one of the most important pollution issues facing humanity,” the 2018-2019 Frontiers report warns.

“Yet the scale of the problem remains largely unknown and unacknowledged outside scientific circles.”

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Good Samaritan Opens Her Home to Venezuelan Women and Children in Need

Two years ago, a Colombian housewife decided to turn her home into a makeshift shelter for refugees and migrants on a grueling trek to safety.


Marta Duque (in light blue shirt) with Venezuelan refugees and migrants who recently spent the night at her house. © UNHCR/Hélène Caux


Fearless Young Women and Insensitive Men

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STOCKHOLM/ROME, Oct 24 2019 (IPS)*  On October 11, the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee announced that this year´s Peace Prize is awarded to Ethiopia´s prime minister Abiy Ahmed: “For his efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation, and in particular for his decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighbouring Eritrea.”1 Let us hope that Abiy remains a worthy Peace Prize winner and that warfare and human suffering on the Horn of Africa will finally come to an end.


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Reparations – A Very Hot Topic in American Politics

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By Martha R. Bireda*

26 October 2019 (Wall Street International)* — Several Democratic contenders for the 2020 presidential nomination have come out in favor of reparations for Native Americans and African Americans in one form or another. These candidates spoke of the need for the United States government to reckon with and make up for centuries of stolen labor and legal oppression.

Native Americans
Native Americans | Image from Wall Street International.
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