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As Australia’s “Catastrophic” and Deadly Wildfire Emergency Continues, World Meteorological Organization Urges Communities to Stay Vigilant

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As Australia’s “catastrophic” and deadly wildfire emergency continues, UN weather experts on Tuesday [12 November 2019] echoed Government warnings for people to remain vigilant in the face of the fast-moving threat and tinderbox conditions. *

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services | Firefighters in Queensland, Australia, tackle a blaze which is threatening local communities.

UN Spotlights ‘Explosive’ Obesity Rates, Hunger in Latin America and Caribbean

Since 1975, adult obesity in Latin America and the Caribbean region has tripled, while one in four are going hungry, according to figures published by the UN on Tuesday [12 November 2019]. *
FAO/Ubirajara Machado | Children eat a meal at their school which is taking part in a school feeding programme in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The  Panorama of Food and Nutritional Security 2019, jointly published by a group of UN health agencies, urged countries to take swift action to address the malnutrition issue across the region.

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