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The Huge Potential of Agriculture to Slow Climate Change

Human Wrongs Watch

4 December 2019 (UN Environment)*Soil’s contribution to climate change, through the oxidation of soil carbon, is important, and soils—and thus agriculture—can play a major role in mitigating climate change.

niña-onuPhoto by Neil Palmer, CIAT


Only One in Five Countries Has a Healthcare Strategy to Deal with Climate Change

Protecting people’s health from climate change dangers such as heat stress, storms and tsunamis has never been more important, yet most countries are doing too little about it, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday [3 December 2019]. (*).

© UNICEF/James Oatway | A mother and her baby sit in an ambulance at an accommodation centre in Beira, Mozambique, where her 2-year-old daughter is being treated for malaria.

In its first global review of more than 100 countries, the UN agency found that while around half of them have developed a strategy on the issue, fewer than one in five is spending enough to implement all of their commitments.

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