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The Coronavirus Is Not the Plague: The Plague Is US

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By Edward Curtin – TRANSCEND Media Service*

“Two categories of propaganda must be distinguished. The first strives to create a permanent disposition in its objects and constantly needs to be reinforced. Its goal is to make the masses ‘available,’ by working spells upon them and exercising a kind of fascination.


Edward Curtin

The second category involves the creation of a sort of temporary impulsiveness in its objects.  It operates by simple pressure and is often contradictory (since contradictory mass movement are sometimes necessary).”  – Jacques Ellul, The Technological Society

The French-Algerian writer Albert Camus’ great 1947 novel, The Plague, is a warning to us today, but a warning in disguise.

When he died sixty years ago at the young age of forty-six, he had already written The Stranger, The Fall, and The Plague, and had won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The outward story of The Plague revolves around a malignant disease that breaks out in a town that is quarantined when the authorities issue a state of emergency.

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COVID-19: India Imposes a 21-Day Lockdown, in Line with WHO Guidance

Human Wrongs Watch

(UN News)* — India’s decision to impose a 21-day lockdown, which was announced on Tuesday [24 March 2020], comes after a call from the UN health agency, WHO, for the country to take “aggressive action”.

UN India | Normally bustling streets in cities across India were mostly deserted as the country observed the shutdown.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s order for the country’s 1.3 billion people to stay home, is an escalation of the 07:00 – 21:00 “Janata curfew” introduced on March 22, and it comes a day after the government grounded all domestic flights.

Radical Missionaries in the Amazon Put Isolated Tribes at Risk

Covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus could wipe out any of Brazil’s indigenous isolated tribes.

Around 100 isolated groups live in Brazil’s Amazon with 16 of them in the same reserve in the Javari Valley. Around 100 isolated groups live in Brazil’s Amazon with 16 of them in the same reserve in the Javari Valley. | Photo: EFE (Photo posted here from teleSUR’s article).

24 March 2020 (teleSUR)* —  Isolated tribes in the Brazilian Amazon are at high risk of contracting deadly diseases including the coronavirus because of missionaries who swore to convert all of them, a report from the Guardian published Monday revealed.

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New WHO Recommendations to Prevent Tuberculosis Aim to Save Millions of Lives


GENEVA, 24 March 2020 (WHO)* — New World Health Organization (WHO) guidance will help countries accelerate efforts to stop people with tuberculosis (TB) infection becoming sick with TB by giving them preventive treatment. 中文 |  Français  | Русский  | Español   |

A quarter of the world‘s population is estimated to be infected with TB bacteria. These people are neither sick nor contagious. However, they are at greater risk of developing TB disease, especially those with weakened immunity.

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Amidst Pandemic, Now Is the Time for Action to Also Beat the World’s Deadliest Infectious Killer: Tuberculosis, Urges World Health Organization

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(UN News)*As countries across the world grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, the UN Health agency reminded everyone on Tuesday [24 March 2020], World Tuberculosis Day 2020, that TB remains the world’s most deadly infectious disease.

UNDP/Aurélia Rusekn|nA Somali refugee who was diagnosed with tuberculosis in 2017 holds her chest x-ray in a camp in Djibouti where she lives with her family.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a quarter of the global population is estimated to be infected with TB bacteria.
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