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Drought: Children in the Horn of Africa and the Vast Sahel Region “Could Die in Devastating Numbers” – UNICEF

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(UN News)* — On Tuesday [22 August 2022], UN Children’s Fund UNICEF warned that children in the Horn of Africa and the vast Sahel region “could die in devastating numbers” without urgent intervention and support. In the last five months, the number of people in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia without reliable access to safe water, has risen from 9.5 million to 16.2 million

© UNICEF/Mulugaeta Ayene | A mother-of-six fears she will lose more livestock in the coming months due to drought in Somali region, Ethiopia.

Children in Sahel are also facing water insecurity. This crisis has led to the proliferation of severe malnutrition and increased the risk of serious water-borne diseases.

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