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‘The Egyptian Revolution Was Inevitable And It Is Irreversible’

Human Wrongs Watch

By Shahira Amin*

The world lives in the era of knowledge and information sharing. With satellite TV, mobile phones and the internet, the word “distance” has lost its meaning as there is hardly a place today that is too’ remote’ for information access. The uprisings in the Arab World are a striking example of the rapid dissemination of information.

Image: Lilian Wagdy | Wikimedia Commons

The world watched the mass uprisings unfold minute by minute— first in Tunisia, then in Egypt, Yemen, and now in Libya, Syria and elsewhere in the Arab World. This, despite the brutal authoritarian regimes in the Arab World trying to stop information getting out.

Former President Hosni Mubarak imposed an internet blackout when he realised that the uprisings had been organised and planned on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. But his efforts to block information channels failed.

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Iceland: The Day After The “Pots and Pans Revolution”

Human Wrongs WatchPressenza

By Silvia Swinden in Reykjavik*

The economic crash in Iceland led the “Pots and Pans Revolution” leading to some radical changes. Humanist Party members Julius Valdimarsson and Methusalem Thorisson have carried out an appraisal in terms of the sensibility of the people in general and on the political scene wondering if such process can promote human rights-based real democracy.

Image: Pressenza Archivo

As humanists with a common aim of a Universal Human Nation the authors of this report believe that what has happened and is happening in Iceland is nothing special to Iceland– only a reflection of the same development suffered all over the world, even though it might appear in a different way and with different expression according to differences in cultures and in location in the global kingdom of capitalism and financial tyranny.

Iceland has been subjected to the same neoliberal policies in the last three decades as most other western countries, bringing money and power into the hands of financial institutions and their faithful political guardians who have adjusted their lawmaking to meet their masters´ demands.

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