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Oil-rich Equatorial Guinea — Poverty, Torture, Extrajudicial Killings …

Human Wrongs WatchThink Africa Press

By Desmond Tutu*

Over the past year, the world has watched with great interest as the Arab Spring has dissolved decades of repression. Citizens weary of injustice have stood up and demanded control of their destinies. I wish that oppressed people everywhere in Africa could benefit from the dramatic changes we are witnessing in North Africa.

Bubi children | Tukes@en.wikipedia

The people of Equatorial Guinea, for instance, an oil-rich country home to the continent’s longest-ruling leader, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, have endured decades of repression, and many remain mired in poverty despite the country’s considerable natural resource wealth.

Torture, extrajudicial killings, arbitrary detentions, and harassment of journalists and civil society groups have been well documented by the United Nations and other sources.

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Just $18 Million Needed to Save Desperate Humans

Human Wrongs Watch

While global spending on weapons is set up to further increase in spite of the economic recession, four major UN agencies and their aid partners have just appealed for $18.3 million to help tens of thousands of refugees who are fleeing into western Ethiopia to escape violence in Sudan’s Blue Nile state.

Credit: UN

The joint appeal by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the World Food Programme (WFP) and their partner agency, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), is intended to help up to 35,000 refugees.

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U.S., the Republicans, and the Pizza Boss

Human Wrongs WatchInDepthNews (IDN)

By Ernest Corea*

Behold! Another stirrer-upper. As an evangelical stream of consciousness moves through the Republican Party, this could well be how some activists reacted to the news that on Saturday, September 24 Herman Cain, would-be presidential candidate and former chief executive officer (CEO) of the Godfather brand of pizza won the party’s straw poll in Florida. He is the only African-American seeking the Republican nomination.


Cain picked up 37 percent of the votes cast in Florida, leaving frontrunner Rick Perry well behind in second place with 15 percent, and Mitt Romney whose name was on the ballot although he did not campaign in Florida with 14 percent.

Michelle Bachman who won the Ames, Iowa straw poll finished last. That’s the kind of result that a stirrer-upper creates.

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Big Business Stealing Seeds, Devouring Life Cycle


By Vandana Shiva*

We are in a food emergency. Speculation and diversion of food to biofuel has contributed to an uncontrolled price rise, adding more to the billion already denied their right to food.

Jatropha | Wikimedia Commons

Industrial agriculture is pushing species to extinction through the use of toxic chemicals that kill our bees and butterflies, our earthworms and soil organisms that create soil fertility. Plant and animal varieties are disappearing as monocultures displace biodiversity.

Industrial, globalized agriculture is responsible for 40 percent of greenhouse gases, which then destabilize agriculture by causing climate chaos, creating new threats to food security.

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