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‘Wall Street Speculators Continue to Rake in Billions’

Human Wrongs Watch

By Andre Damon – WSWS* – Three and a half years after the eruption of the financial crisis, the Wall Street speculators responsible for the crash continue to rake in billions of dollars while benefiting from ongoing government bailouts and a de facto amnesty for their crimes.

Image: Jsquish | Wikimedia Commons

The 40 highest-earning hedge fund managers took home a combined $13.2 billion last year, with the top 10 averaging more than $200 million each, according to a survey published last week by Forbes magazine.

Raymond Dalio, the head of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, made $3 billion. Close behind was James Simons of Renaissance Technologies, who took in $2.1 billion. Third was the well-known corporate raider Carl Icahn, who pocketed $2 billion.

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