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‘Help Palestinian Political Prisoner Hana Shalabi Before It Is Too Late’

By Sandy Boyer, Radio Free EireannSocialist Worker*, March 21 – Hana Shalabi, a Palestinian political prisoner on hunger strike since February 16, was transferred to an Israeli military hospital as she clung to life by a thread. The transfer took place on March 18, the 34th day of her hunger strike, according to CNN.

**Protesters marching in a solidarity demonstration for Hana Shalabi | Socialist Worker

According to Jawad Bulos, one of Shalabi’s lawyers, “The prosecution and defense teams…met with the military judge Tuesday [20 March] to look into an appeal, [and a] decision could come as early as next week to either accept the defense appeal for her immediate release or to keep the detention order.”

Shalabi is one of approximately 300 Palestinians held under what Israel calls “administrative detention,” which means imprisonment orders that can be renewed indefinitely without charges and without the right to a trial. Prior to her transfer to the military hospital, Shalabi had been held in solitary confinement–not even her parents were allowed to visit her.

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U.S. War Game Prompts Israeli Attack on Iran

Human Wrongs Watch

By Peter Symonds, WSWS* , 21 March – Details of a recent Pentagon war game, leaked yesterday [20 March] in the New York Times, underscore the advanced character and recklessness of the Obama administration’s preparations for war against Iran.

**Photo: Iran Air Force. Source | Wikimedia Commons

Nominally premised on an attack by Israel on Iran, the conclusion from the exercise was that “the strike would lead to a wider regional war which could draw in the United States and leave hundreds of Americans dead.”

The two-week war game was carried out by US Central Command to test communication and coordination between its headquarters in Tampa, Florida and US forces in the Persian Gulf.

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