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Spain: Growing Social Unrest – New Unemployment Record in Rural Areas

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Geneva, ILO* – Unemployment in Spain is rising faster in rural areas than in urban centres and is fuelling social unrest, according to the latest statistics produced by the International Labour Organization (ILO) International Institute for Labour Studies (IILS). Unemployment in rural areas jumped from little over 8 per cent in 2007 to more than 26 per cent in 2012, while in urban areas it increased slightly less, from 7.8 per cent to 24 per cent over the same period. The national average is just under 25 per cent.
Social unrest index in Spain, 2006-2011 (scale of 0 to 1)

Source: : IILS estimates based on Gallup World Poll Data, 2012.

“The situation is particularly hard in the southern region of Andalucía, which already had high unemployment rates before the crisis. For example, in the provinces of Almería, Jaén and Granada, more than one-third of workers are unemployed,” said Steven Tobin, senior economist at the IILS.

This is well above the unemployment rates in Madrid and Barcelona, where less than 22 per cent of the population does not have a job.

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