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‘Making Peace with the Cookie Monster’

Human Wrongs Watch

By Xanthe HallIPPNW* – Its not often that we have opportunity to laugh at Benjamin Netanyahu’s rhetoric about Iran and what the consequences may be, but his show at the UN on September 27 really took the biscuit (or the cookie, Mr. Fish might say). Holding up a large cartoon bomb, Bibi explained to us where exactly that “red line” should be that he has been demanding Barack Obama define.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel addresses the General Assembly. UN Photo/J Carrier

Interestingly enough, Bibi is actually giving Iran more time by putting the red line between enrichment to 20% and enrichment to 90%. But that is as may be, since – by his own admission – we might not actually know even if they did start enriching to 90%.

If Israeli suspicions played out, Iran would have to do such a thing so secretly, under some remote mountain somewhere, that the IAEA couldn’t even smell it happening.

And, rest assured, the IAEA sniffer dogs are in Iran all of the time monitoring their uranium enrichment activities.

Note that Bibi says that not even his own beloved Mossad is foolproof in their estimation of what Iran is doing.

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Nuclear Weapons Are ‘No Guarantee’ of Security

Human Wrongs Watch

The inability of nuclear weapons to guarantee a country’s security or independence was highlighted in the speech of Kazakhstan’s Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kairat Umarov, to the United Nations General Assembly.

ICAN-International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

“The threat of proliferation of nuclear weapons and technology, along with the spectre of their acquisition and use by terrorist entities, has been one of the most daunting challenges to humanity,” the Foreign Affairs Minister told the 67th Assembly’s General Debate at UN Headquarters in New York on 29 September.

“It is our strong view that the possession of weapons of mass destruction is not a guarantee of security or greater independence. Kazakhstan’s own record goes to show that countries reap huge benefits from the renunciation of nuclear weapons,” he added.

The Central Asian nation closed down its nuclear weapons site Semipalatinsk, one of the largest test sites in the world and located in the country’s north-east, in 1991. As a result of this, the Foreign Affairs Minister noted, Kazakhstan has “won more friends and [has] become a more prosperous, stable and influential country.”

“This year, we will complete the project to enhance physical security of the former Semipalatinsk test site,” he said. “We view this project, which is being implemented jointly with the United States and Russia, as our significant contribution to the global non-proliferation regime.”

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