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Torture Epidemic in Mexico – ‘Abusers Known, Victims Ignored’

Human Wrongs Watch

By AI* – The Mexican authorities must take decisive action to tackle the systemic and widespread use of torture and ill treatment documented across the country, which dramatically increased under the government of Felipe Calderón, Amnesty International said in a new report.

The National Palace, symbolic seat of the President and the cabinet. Photo: Reinhard Jahn, Mannheim 

The report Abusers known, victims ignored: Torture and ill-treatment in Mexico, released on 11 October 2012 explores the increase of cases of torture and ill-treatment by police and security forces during the Calderón administration, the lack of effective investigations and the denial of justice for the victims.

“The Calderón administration has effectively turned a blind eye to the ‘torture epidemic’ we’ve been witnessing in Mexico,” said Rupert Knox, Mexico researcher at Amnesty International.

“The protection of human rights has been ignored or sidelined in favour of the government’s strategy of militarized combat of organized crime and drug cartels.”

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Of Turkey-Cyprus-Kurds-Armenians-Syria…

Human Wrongs Watch

‘Turkey is not problem-free; no country is. The focus here is on four problems involving other nations: the Greeks, the Kurds, the Armenians and the many nations in Syria. Politics as usual in homogeneous countries, with no solution for nationalities, is the same as courting disaster. A minority climbs up, conquers economic-cultural niches and the majorities will silence them politically-militarily; such as Armenians in Turkey, Jews in Germany, Chinese in Southeast Asia; Tutsis-Hutus.’

**Credit: Captain Blood | Wikimedia Commons.

By Johan Galtung*, TRANSCEND – There was a time, a century or so ago, when Turkey was the “sick man of Europe”.  Times are a-changing.

Today Turkey is quite healthy, and much of Europe is sick, suffering from gross institutional and economic problems, including a flagrant inequality within and between countries, between a creditor and a periphery of debtors in bondage.

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‘For a Peacemaking Bloc, the EU Is a Highly Militarized One’ – IPB

Human Wrongs Watch

By International Peace Bureau* (IPB) – “For a peacemaking bloc, this is a highly militarized one”

EU flag. Source: IPB

The IPB finds the award of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union surprising in that it awards a prize not to a head of state but to an entire bloc of states, thus making it difficult to identify the real recipient.

Is the EU really a ‘champion of peace’, as Nobel conceived it? Or is it a club of states with many contradictory impulses and interests?

The arguments given by the Norwegian Nobel Committee are not entirely false. The EU has played the historical role that it describes.

All forms of cooperation contain some elements of peacefulness, and there is indeed a strong case for regional approaches to peacemaking between states and peoples, and in this the EU has been a pioneer.

But what is worrying are the many aspects the Committee leaves out, making it a highly selective accolade.

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