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European Finance Crisis: Germany-GIPSI

Human Wrongs Watch

By Johan Galtung*, TRANSCEND — A crisis so massive–with the health network in Greece collapsing and 50 percent of Spanish youth unemployed–begs for big causes.

Angela Merkel – Photo credit: Armin Linnartz | Wikimedia Commons

Some unknown planet with great gravitation pull, some super-radioactive element not yet identified?

Probably; there may be more causes lining up–efforts to destroy the welfare state and to save the US$ as the world currency-but for the time being we have to do with what we have.

Here are Four Big ones:

[1] The West is outcompeted.  For some time we have had the USA, its empire and the West in general declining, and the Rest, China in particular, emerging–BRICS being a formula spanning four continents.

We have also seen states (except the biggest) declining, with local communities and nations emerging from below, and regionalization and globalization, particularly for the finance economy, from above. What happens in Europe is within that general context.  Less pie expansion, less sharing. Closing North to industrial and agricultural exports from the South boomerangs; they trade South-South, lifting each other.

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Israel ‘Postpones’ Nuclear Iran Red Line by ‘8 to 10 Months’

Human Wrongs Watch

By RT*, 31 October, 2012 — Iran’s decision to produce fuel rods from a third of its medium-enriched uranium stockpile delayed its alleged nuclear weapon program, says the Israeli defense minister. But Tel Aviv continues to advocate a military solution to halting it.

Ehud Barak | Wikimedia Commons

­The Iranian move, which clearly clashes with its alleged goal of obtaining a nuclear bomb as soon as possible, is just a temporary set-back in Israel’s eyes and apparently does not change its aggressive rhetoric.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak estimates that Israel and its allies will have to take decision over a military solution of the stand-off in “eight to ten months”, because sanctions and diplomacy will fail to curb Iran’s nuclear ambition, Britain’s Daily Telegraph cites the minister as saying.

Tehran denies having any intention of weaponizing its nuclear program, but refuses to stop uranium enrichment, which it says is needed for civilian purposes. The US, the EU and their allies have slapped Iran with crippling economic sanctions to force it to shut down its centrifuges, but so far the Islamic Republic remains defiant.

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