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Come to Oslo in March 2013! Join Forum on Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Detonations

ICAN* — From 4–5 March 2013, the government of Norway will host an international conference in Oslo on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons. If just one of the world’s 19,000 nuclear weapons were detonated – either intentionally or by accident – it would kill thousands of people instantly, and emergency relief agencies could do little to ease the suffering of the wounded.

ICAN Norway

ICAN Norway

The continued existence and deployment of nuclear weapons is one of the most serious humanitarian problems of our time.

To demonstrate that a ban on nuclear weapons is both possible and urgent, we’re inviting people from all corners of the world to the ICAN Civil Society Forum in Olso from 2–3 March 2013, immediately before the government conference. We will have inspiring speeches, informative workshops, spirited discussions and, of course, a lot of fun.

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