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Lebanon -the Country of Middle East Records- May Lose Half of Its Population!

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Beirut, 9 December 2014 (HWW) — Lebanon is undoubtedly a country of records. This small State (10,452 km2) is home to 5,2 million nationals (3,9 million are residents and 1,3 million living abroad), comprising 18 recognised religious groups. Meanwhile, it hosts the highest ratio per capita of refugees on Earth with one million registered Syrians fleeing war in their country. And it has been without president for 199 days today. Now Lebanon may lose half of its people.

*Image: Protests in Beirut | Author: Shakeeb Al-Jabri | Wikimedia Commons

*Protests in Beirut | Author: Shakeeb Al-Jabri | Wikimedia Commons

According to a new survey (in Arabic) carried out by Information International, more than 25 percent of all Lebanese have already migrated while another 25 per cent is waiting for obtaining entry visa to different foreign countries.

Another striking outcome of the study is that a vast majority of migrants and ready-to-migrant are young and or university graduated.

In fact, it is estimated that about 46 percent of immigrants are University graduates and near 83 percent are young, which means that number of university graduated who traveled abroad in the last three years would be equivalent to the total number of university graduates in the same period. This would simply imply that all graduates have left Lebanon!

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