Opening of Greenpeace Netherlands Office in Amsterdam. 10/04/2014 © Greenpeace / Cris Toala Olivares

Photo: Cris Toala Oliveraes/Greenpeace

 Detoxing our clothing

In June, Adidas laid out its plans to be toxic-free by 2020. The company agreed to phase out 99% of all polyflourinated chemicals (PFCs) from its clothing by the end of 2017, building up to a 100% phaseout by 2020.

In November, Puma announced its commitment to eliminate hazardous chemicals from its products and supply chain. Puma will ensure 100% of all its products are PFC-free by no later than the end of 2017. The commitments came after international actions at stores, letters to the CEO and Greenpeace investigative reporting.

PFCs are used in the manufacturing of clothing and shoes to keep them dirt- and water-resistant. However, these chemicals are known to accumulate in the environment and impact human health. Some of them damage the immune and reproductive systems, and are linked to thyroid disease.

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