A ships next to a controlled burn of oil on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico near BP's Deepwater Horizon spill source. 06/17/2010 © Daniel Beltrá / Greenpeace

Credit: Daniel Beltra/Greenpeace

Knowingly going ahead with an Arctic oil exploration programme that would threaten this unique northern environment, the livelihoods of the people who depend on it whilst further altering our climate just for the sake of a company’s short term profit is cynical in the extreme. In fact, we think it’s totally unacceptable.

The US government admits there’s a 75% chance that oil drilling in the Chukchi sea will result in a large oil spill at some point

And to add to that risk factor; Shell is bringing in Transocean, the same company that owned the rig that exploded in the Gulf of Mexcio, killing 11 people and causing the biggest marine oil spill of all time.

Taking that risk to try to wring out a few more drops of oil that our climate can’t afford to burn is completely mad. It shows just how far this company is willing to go, unless we stop them.

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