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Brexit, the Day After – UN Calls for ‘Humane Solution’ for Refugees and Migrants

Human Wrongs Watch

In Paris on 25 June 2016, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on the countries of Europe as well as the international community at large to work towards a compassionate and humane solution to the problem of refugees and migrants, emphasizing that he counts on the European Union and Britain to continue as strong partners of the UN on development and humanitarian issues.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (left) and François Hollande, President of France, brief the media following their meeting in Paris. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

“The challenges we face do not stop at national borders. It is clear that when we work together, we are stronger,” the Secretary-General said at a joint press conference with French President François Hollande.

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Hot off Brexit, Vladimir Putin Goes to China

Human Wrongs Watch

By Pepe Escobar*

24 June 2016 (RT)* – As the whole planet attempts to digest the implications of Brexit, the real heart of 21st century action once again shifts to Beijing, where President Vladimir Putin on Saturday pays a visit to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

**Xi Jinping with his first lady during the Moscow Victory Day Parade on 9 May 2015 | Author: Presidential Press and Information Office (Russia) | Source: | Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. | Wikimedia Commons

Business will include clinching a $6.2 billion high-speed rail deal; increased supply of Russian wheat to China – by building a Trans-Baikal grain terminal; and steps towards deeper military cooperation. They are already cooperating on an engine that will power the new Russia-China airliner.

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Blimey, it IS Brexit!

Human Wrongs Watch


Michael Gove, a key Leave supporter, Wikimedia

What led the English to decide to try and take the whole of the United Kingdom out of Europe?

A striking victory for what I dubbed ‘Maggyism’ has taken place. It seeks the “liberation” of Europe from a ‘super-state’, not isolation.

It might even succeed, this being a time of surprise, as the EU is struggling with a dysfunctional currency and has other electorates already enflamed by its rigid policies and lack of democracy.

In England for sure, under the banner of  Maggyism’s alluring yet chilling command to ‘take back control’, a new form of populist Toryism will be tested.

The challenge for the left across England will go deep and it will have to discard its attachment to the ruins of Labourism if it is to recover.

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Brexit and EUexit

ROME, 24 June 2016 (IPSThe Europeans went to bed Thursday night, with exit polls giving a comfortable margin of victory for those who wanted to Remain. The following morning they awakened to find that the real result was the opposite.


Roberto Savio

Specialists in polling say that this happens when electors do not feel comfortable to say how they will rally voters because they are not comfortable, on a rational level, with what they will do. In other words, voters act because of their guts, not because of their brain.

Brexit was really based on gut feelings. It was a campaign of fear. The “Leave” campaign was about the Turks massively invading Great Britain, because of their admittance in the EU (totally false); that Great Britain was paying to the EU 50 million pounds a day (again, a false figure).

But the central question raised, especially by Boris Johnson, was: we are not free any longer… Let us get our independence.

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