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Please, Do Not Get Offended, But…

ROME, Jan 22 2017 (IPS) – With the inauguration of Donald Trump on Jan. 20, the new leadership of the most powerful nation has signaled it is breaking away from the rest of the world. Here, a few thoughts…


Roberto Savio

a) Those who voted Trump are generally totally unaware of what happens beyond their immediate surroundings.

So it will take a long time before they will realize that Trump is not about their real interest.

This means that the polarization and the division of the U.S. will continue for a long time to come. And in the end, disillusionment and frustration will result in a further decline of democracy, and with a possible new populism coming up.

b) The American democratic system is incomprehensible for us foreigners.

We understand the history, the constitution, everything. But we think that a system where somebody who with 3 million votes less than his opponent becomes president, on the basis that this was adequate two centuries ago, needs to be updated urgently.

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