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One Nation – “Two Cubas”

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Wall Street International* – Cuba is an exceedingly beautiful island blessed with lush forests, pristine beaches, sapphire seas, and sunny tropical weather. It is a tourist’s paradise. It is an island that is beloved by its people, its exiles, and those who visit. There is physically only one island, but there are two Cubas; each Cuba seen through very different eyes and experienced in grossly dissimilar ways. Both Cubas are deeply loved.

A bright future for Cuba?
A bright future for Cuba? | Image reproduced  from Wall Street International 

The first Cuba represents the reflections of wealthy Cubans: Americans who owned businesses in and traveled to Cuba, and those who have heard and embraced the stories of their island before the Revolution.

This group remembers and loves the idea of the life that was, a life of luxury and wealth.

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