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Why a Feminist Foreign Policy Is Needed More than Ever

Human Wrongs Watch

Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden

Stockholm, Mar 7 2017 (IPS) – Lately, the world has tended to present itself in increasingly darker shades. In many places, democracy is questioned, women’s rights are threatened, and the multilateral system that has taken decades to build is undermined.


Margot Wallström

No society is immune from backlashes, especially not in relation to gender.

There is a continuous need for vigilance and for continuously pushing for women’s and girls’ full enjoyment of human rights.

That is why I – when I assumed office as Foreign Minister over two years ago – announced that Sweden would pursue a feminist foreign policy. Today, this policy is more needed than ever.

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‘World Must Act Fast, Scale Up Life-Saving Assistance in Drought-Hit Somalia’

Human Wrongs Watch

6 March 2017 – As a severe drought deepens in Somalia, the risk of famine is looming in the long-troubled country, with about half the population in need of some form of assistance, according to an assessment by United Nations agencies and humanitarian partners.

A group of women in Mogadishu, Somalia, after leaving Toro-Toro, 100 kilometres away, because of a lack of water and food. Photo: OCHA

The situation has become “significantly worse in the last six months,” explained Joseph Contreras, the spokesperson for the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM).

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