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Meanwhile, Around the World

Human Wrongs Watch

By Johan Galtung*

3 April 2017 –  TRANSCEND Media Service – Starting with EU at 60, making small states (Luxembourg!) big by being members of something bigger, but making bigger, even imperial, states smaller by being “members”.


Johan Galtung

The Netherlands is small: Wilders suffered a humiliating defeat.  But the UK is big with imperial past:  old, rural people voted Brexit out of EU anonymity, but into what?

Master in their own house? With problems with Ireland and the Celtic fringe–Scotland, Wales–even threatening UK survival?

Can Anglo-America, UK even more under USA, compensate for that? They may want back; the obvious EU strategy being to adjust to many Brexit points.

France is also big and imperial. But Le Pen-Front National will not defeat a majority seeing EU as a French creation (Monnet, Schuman) and the Communauté Française as carried by the mystique of the French language anyhow.  Frexit would make France smaller. France will stay.

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Population Ageing and Decline ‘Key Focus’ 

Human Wrongs Watch

The United Nations advisory body on issues related to population and development on 3 April 2017 kicked off its annual session, with a focus on changing population age structures and sustainable development.

A grandmother feeds her two year old granddaughter in Naubise, Dhading. Nepal Photo: Aisha Faquir/World Bank | SOURCE: UN News Centre

“Population ageing and population decline have now become key issues for a growing number of Member States,” Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs Wu Hongbo told the opening segment of the Commission on Population and Development’s fiftieth annual session, which will run at UN Headquarters through 7 April.

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