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Middle East, Engulfed by a ‘Perfect Storm’

ROME, Apr 21 2017 (IPS) A perfect storm has engulfed the Middle East, and continues to threaten international peace and security.

In Mazrak, Yemen, a five year-old girl, diagnosed as malnourished, is given a pink wristband to wear to show she has not been getting enough to eat. Credit: UNHCR/Hugh Macleod

Hardly anyone could sum up the Middle East explosive situation in so few, blunt words as just did Nickolay Mladenov, the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process

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International Collaboration to End Violence

Human Wrongs Watch

By Robert J. Burrowes*

DAYLESFORD, Australia, 21 April, 2017 – While much of the world is engulfed in violence of one sort or another (whether violence in the home or on the street, exploitation, ecological destruction or war), a global network of individuals and organizations is committed to ending this violence in all of its manifestations.


Robert J. Burrowes

With individual signatories in 100 countries and organizational endorsements in 35 countries, each of these individuals and organizations works on one or more manifestations of violence in their locality and some of the organizations and networks have considerable national or even international reach.

However, as you might understand, there is a great deal to be done and the Charter network continues to expand as more people and organizations are motivated to join this shared effort.

Here is an outline of what some of these individual signatories of ‘The People’s Charter to Create a Nonviolent World‘ are doing. You are welcome to join them.

A native of Iran, Professor Manijeh Navidnia was born in Tehran where she attended school and university. She married in 1982 and had her first child in 1985.

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