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Harness ‘Immense’ Potential Offered by Migration, UN Urges 

Human Wrongs Watch

28 June 2017 – Speaking at a major international meeting on migration and development, senior United Nations officials have underlined the need for safe, orderly and regular migration options to ensure that people around the world are not forced to undertake arduous and dangerous pathways in their search for a better future.

A family looks out the window and take pictures as they undertake their journey for resettling. Photo: IOM/Muse Mohammed


Did Arab Coalition Threaten to Pull Out of UN in Protest?

Human Wrongs Watch

By Thalif Deen*

UNITED NATIONS, Jun 28 2017 (IPS) – When Saudi Arabia – which has been spearheading a coalition of Arab states in a devastating war against Yemen since 2015 – was accused of bombing civilians, and particularly children caught up in the conflict, the government in Riyadh threatened to cut off humanitarian funding to the world body.

Children sitting in front of a school that was badly damaged in the conflict in Yemen. Credit: UNICEF/Abu Monassar

As a result of the looming threat, Saudi Arabia was de-listed from the “offending” annex to a UN report last year, by then Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, largely in order to appease the Saudis.

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