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Intl. Community Recoils as Saudi Arabia Goes on ‘Crusade’ of Mass Killing in Yemen

Human Wrongs Watch

By Catherine Shakdam*

11 August 2017 (RT)* — While few will pause upon hearing that Yemen was bombed yet again by Saudi Arabia’s war coalition, thus leading to many deaths, the kingdom’s propensity to concentrate its firepower on civilians has become a little hard to stomach.


The city of Sa’ada in the Sa’ada Governorate has been heavily hit by airstrikes during the conflict in Yemen. Photo: OCHA/Philippe Kropf (file) 

Riyadh turned child killer this August when it sanctioned an airstrike on Sa’ada under the pretense of combating those infamous “Houthi rebels” many news agencies insist on labeling as political infidels to promote a binary whose foundations only exist in the mind of its maker – namely Saudi Arabia.

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Spain – Where Are You Heading?

Human Wrongs Watch

By Johan Galtung*

Alfaz, Spain, 14 August 2017 – TRANSCEND Media Service – It is customary for Spaniards to add the word “crisis” to the name of the country. They are not alone in that, it may be a Western habit, one of those words driving the West on.


Johan Galtung

Protected by extended families and 8,000+ local communities–average size only about 5,000, people know each other–Spaniards as people are not in a crisis.

And for the poorest of the communities there is always the cooperative Marinaleda model (NYT, 24 Apr 2009) to copy, emulate or adapt. Or new models to be invented.

There is corruption, unemployment, aging by youth leaving the country, increasing inequality; not massive suffering at the bottom.

Even if Spaniards are not in a real crisis, Spain may be.

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Twenty Million People at Risk of Dying of Hunger in Four Countries

Human Wrongs Watch

Twenty million people risk dying of hunger in South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and the north-east of Nigeria, including 1.4 million children suffering from severe malnutrition, the United Nations food relief agency said, spotlighting on 14 August 2017 its worldwide campaign to fight famine.

An 8-year-old displaced girl in Banki, Borno state, Nigeria, with her 5-year-old brother. Photo: OCHA/Yasmina Guerda

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