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Why I Am Angry

Human Wrongs Watch

By Uri Avnery*

06/01/2018 – I AM angry with the Mizrahi elite. Very angry indeed.


Uri Avnery

Mizrah is the Hebrew word for East. Eastern Jews are those who lived for many centuries in the Islamic world. Western Jews are those who lived in Christian Europe.

The words are, of course, misnomers. Russian Jews are “Westerners”, Moroccan Jews are “Easterners”.

A look at the map shows that Russia is far to the East of Morocco. It would be more accurate to call them “Northerners” and “Southerners”. Too late, now.

Westerners are generally called “Ashkenazim”, from the old Hebrew term for Germany.

Easterners were usually called “Sephardim”, from the old Hebrew term for Spain. But only a small part of the Easterners are actually descended from the flourishing Jewish community in medieval Spain.

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Rohingya (Muslim) Refugees Fleeing Violence in Myanmar at a Staggering Rate

Human Wrongs Watch

5 January 2018 (UNHCR)*They walk for days through jungles and mountains, or brave dangerous sea voyages across the Bay of Bengal. They arrive exhausted, hungry and sick – in need of international protection and humanitarian assistance.


Over 630,000 refugees have fled to Bangladesh since 25 August 2017. Photo: UNHCR

The Rohingya are a stateless Muslim minority in Myanmar. The latest exodus began on 25 August 2017, when violence broke out in Myanmar’s Rakhine State.

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No End to Violence Against (Muslim) Rohingya as Refugees Continue to Flee to Bangladesh

Human Wrongs Watch

5 January 2018, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh (IOM)* – This week, Rohingya refugees were still arriving in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh – the New Year bringing no end to the reports of violence and fears, which forced them to flee their homes in Myanmar.


Kutupalong camp in Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh. Photo: Muse Mohammed / UN Migration Agency (IOM) 2017

A major upsurge of violence in Northern Rakhine State, Myanmar, in late August 2017 forced hundreds of thousands to flee their homes.

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