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In Libya, Locals Push Back against Human Smuggling

Human Wrongs Watch

By Raouf Farrah*


UNHCR teams in Libya have been responding to urgent humanitarian needs in and around Sabratha, a city located some 80 kilometres west of the capital, Tripoli. © UNHCR

Libya is the launchpad for human smuggling into Europe.

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“It was difficult for me to forge my identity because I did not fit into society’s boxes”

Human Wrongs Watch

Mozambican  Ngulinda’s story is part of the UN International Organisation for Migration (IOM) series: “i am a migrant“.*

Ngulinda — 7,903 km from home — Current Country: Portugal– Country of Origin: Mozambique — Photo Credit: IOM/Tiago Figueiredo

“I was born in Mozambique and I have lived in Portugal for many years now. I first came on holiday in 2000 and did not want to go back to Mozambique.

My parents ended up accepting my choice, so I stayed here with my grandparents.

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Central African Refugees, Exiled across the River, Long for Home

Human Wrongs Watch

By Chiara Cavalcanti and Vania Turner*

Kpakpo, Nord-Ubangi Province, 12 January 2018 (UNHCR)* 

Over 60,000 people from Central African Republic have fled across the Ubangi River to the northwestern part of Democratic Republic of the Congo since fighting erupted in May.


A Central African refugee cleans his fishing net in the village of Satema.
© UNHCR/John Wessels

Jean-Pierre Rondossi gestures across the Ubangi River towards the other bank, pointing to where his home and his heart lie.


A 10-minute canoe ride away are the charred ruins of the village of Wapale, in the war-torn Central African Republic (CAR), which he and his family fled in fear in May last year as fighting between rival armed groups drew near.

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